Pl5 support for Sony A7IV

Is sony a7IV raw supported in windows? but not Mac?

The A7IV will be supported for Win and Mac from version V5.2 probably next week.

What does “next week” mean? Does it mean Monday or rather Sunday?
My honest opinion? As long as DXO is taking, the release will be delayed even further.

Usually the releases are on Wednesday or Thursday around 15h.
But since my previous post, the support of the A7IV has increased to 2022-04.

I have had my Sony A7iv since December 2021 (in Europe). Now the support in DxO is supposed to come in April 2022. Competitors were much faster than 4 months.

In the middle of last year I asked DxO support why the raw format of current iPhones is not supported.
The answer: Due to the high development and testing effort, only hardware with a high market penetration is supported. 100 million iPhone 12s and 40 million iPhone 13s are apparently too few?

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next release of PL 5 has been delayed to beginning of April due to some issues.
Camera support are ready, it’s another problem.

Sorry for the delay.



What does early april mean? what does “another problem” mean? What does your release schedule say? Is there a fixed date?

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The next release is version 5.2 which was originally planned for March. As @Marie indicated, some last minute changes moved the release date to April. While I can’t say specifically when that will be, I believe it will be in the next week or two. Try to be patient.


It’s really hard to be patient when we’ve had a fantastic new camera for going on 4 months that we’ve all been unable to use. Hopefully there are no copy issues with any of our camera because I know I’m now outside the 90 window I had to return it to Adorama if there was.

If the deep prime wasn’t so good on your software you’d have lost a lot of customers in the last few months because of the substandard service being provided.


Really ?
Since when do we need an external software to be able to use a camera ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I totally understand that it is a long time, I used to « wait » for nearly 2 years for a camera support in the past… but sorry, everybody knows that DxO is sometimes slow about this.

And right now there are much more critical problems in our world than complaining for a camera support. Be it for Sony or Nikon (Z9).

Dear @sgospodarenko maybe you can merge both topics ? (With this one).


We are unable tu use raw files from sony A7 IV with Dxo Photolabs since four months …
We have paid fot software and support, and yes there is more critical problems in the world :roll_eyes:

Actually, I’m a newer DXO photolab user and I did not know that it was slow at putting out support. When their peers are supporting from the day of release, this is unacceptable customer service.

I can understand your concern but “peers” implies for me that they do they same as DXO and this is not correct. The development of a camera/lens modul is quite time intensive and not comparable to what other companies do.

Nevetheless, it would be great if they could optimise the process and get them faster on the market.


and allow users to select a different camera to use until then with out having to hack the RAW file

Well the purpose of DxO is to deliver the best quality out of our RAW file.
If we can not wait for our camera to be supported, then why bother with this quality ?

Sure, a way to open the files while « unsupported » would be noce but then, lets just shoot jpg instead or use a different software.

Quality first.

I hear both sides. I’m and I get the quality bit but to be frank it kind of sounds of snobbery.

Seriously. A7IV is not supported so instead of using DXO we have to use something else.

I too was frustrated with slow support for the A1 when it initially came out. And I took to hacking my raw files to make DXO think the files were from an A7RIV. And it worked great. And all of the lens corrections worked, and the colors were fine.

I really wish DXO would adopt a little bit different stance here and support manufacturer profiles for lenses that they don’t have their own (better) profiles for. Manufacturer profiles are better than no profiles. And with respect to “unsupported” cameras again, it the file can be decoded, DXO should decode it without any custom camera profile.

The alternative is we need to rent Lightroom for 3-4 months to develop our raw images before DXO catches up.

And no, I don’t pay for Adobe otherwise. Why would I?


For example Nikon propose it’s own free Raw studio… it can be a temporary solution that works pretty fine.
I guess all brands do the same.
But we are all too stressed in this life… that we sometimes lack respect and understanding for others.

Yes, for the Sony there is “Imaging Edge / Edit” (free) which allows you to process the raw in the meantime…
Of course, it’s not PhotoLab, but it allows you to wait.

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I suggest the hack is a better solution. Fake Photolab into thinking the file was from the A7RIV. You’ll still get DeepPRIME and more familiar adjustments than having to learn another tool.

And again. The point is why make me hack the files to make it work?

Yes. DXO Photolab even without the camera specific tweaks is way more useable and powerful than the Sony or Nikon software. After all, isn’t that why I paid $300 for it?

I guess you pay for what is available at the moment you place your order.