PL5 crashing ON1 Photo RAW

I have discovered PL5 does not play well with ON1 Photo RAW 2022. I manage my photos in the digital asset manager Photo Supreme. From there, I have been using PL4, and now PL5 to process some of my raw files, then into ON1 Photo RAW for additional work. Recently, however, folders touched by PL5 editing consistently crash Photo RAW.

I removed the DOP sidecars left of PL5 and no crash.

I don’t know if the problem is with the new operating system, ON, DxO or all of the above, but this is a disaster for me. I’ll be uninstalling PL5, returning to PL4 until this issue is resolved.

Running macOS Monterey.

I reported this problem to DxO Support and received a reply they do not support PL5 in ON1 Photo RAW. Thus, nothing will be done.

Disappointing. Not the kind of support response I recall getting back in the old days when I was using DxO Optics Pro.

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I would not blame DxO if ON1 crashes when it reads proprietary files that are created by PL. DxO are not responsible for other software crashes or to make changes to their software to prevent other software crashing. Talk to ON1 support and get them to fix the issue.

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I reported the bug to ON1 support at the same time I notified DxO. ON1 engineers have done two follow-ups with me in their investigation of the problem.