PL5 Bug report - "Low Memory", DNGs look wrong in LRC

MacOS 11.6 “Low Memory” warning paused batch export while running PL 5.0.0 Build 39 on M1 Mac mini with 16GB RAM, with Lightroom Classic (current version) idling in the background. Even after quitting LRC, I had to force quit PL5 and reboot my Mac. I never had this issue with PL4.
Also, exported DNGs (with all adjustments) look wrong in LRC, underexposed and WB too cool.

Oct. 28 -
It’s still not fixed with update 5.0.1. My M1 Mac mini with 16GB RAM ran out of memory after exporting 520 JPEGs, about the same as before. Activity Monitor showed about 8GB of “compressed” memory, and the app had gobbled up 5.6GB of RAM.

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18 days and no reply? Is nobody else running out of RAM on big batch exports?

This other thread about memory use may be of interest to you.

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