PL5.1.1b50 fails to install

Just tried to install this when prompted. It “downloads” twice, with different file sizes, and then fails to extract.

First download

Capture d’écran 2021-12-23 à 09.58.49

Second download

Capture d’écran 2021-12-23 à 09.58.19

Followed by

Capture d’écran 2021-12-23 à 10.08.25

No such issue here. PL updated itself yesterday without hiccups. Maybe get the full installer from the website? I often download DxO trials if I want a full installer :flushed:

I’ll do that. What surprised me was the double download. I don’t remember that before.

Another thread on this so something has gone wrong it seems.

For what it’s worth no issues here on Mac (Monterey 12.1)

This is on Catalina but downloading the full installer works fine. There must be a little glitch in the updater.

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Good stuff. At least it’s a simple ‘fix’.

Same thing on Big Sur, crashing during the odd second download.

No double download for me. Everything worked perfectly.
macOS Big Sur 11.6.2.

Hello. That’s not good.

The update mechanism had to be updated in 5.1 for security reasons, it was tested on a wide range of systems and worked each time. We obviously missed a combination of factors but don’t know which ones yet.

Edit: posted a diagnostics script here to try to get clues but unfortunately results did not contain any. Removed.

A word on the “double download” phenomenon: we are building binary deltas for each previously released version, so the download is smaller (for example here the 193.6 MB delta is the one). When the binary diff fails to apply (not usual but an application can become corrupted on disk), then the full dmg is downloaded and extracted. So apparently delta application failed then full dmg extraction failed again here. Once again that never happened in our tests so we have no clue atm.

Darn! Just what you don’t need.

I have managed to restore the previous DMG file from my Time Machine. It is dated 23/11/2021 and the build number in the Info.plist is 41.

Can I safely delete the build 50 app bundle and reinstall this over it, in order to try updating from there?

Anything I would need to backup?


Same here. The updater kept failing as others reported. I went to the web site, and downloaded the new version from my account. That worked fine.

There is no install needed, it should work the same from any folder on the Mac. You don’t need to delete a previous version - the only constraint is that we cannot let 2 instances of PhotoLab run at the same time, but you can have multiple installed while testing.

From the delta size it seems you were upgrading from version 5.1.0, you can download it from

There is no database change between those versions so there is no need to backup more than usual for this.

Thanks for the test

So, I can run this build 47 from the DMG and log what happens when I start it?

Not from the dmg which is read-only, it needs to be in a place where it can be overwritten with the new version. Any temp folder will do.

OK. Downloading now.

@cdx I’ve sent you the log created by the command file.

Ok I got 2 reports (thanks a lot for that) and unfortunately those would not contain any specific clue regarding the updater failure, so I’ll edit the original post to remove the instructions, and we’ll try to come up with a way to reproduce the issue.

Update: seems to be on a good way to be solved.

Another try, this is a message I sent privately, but in case anyone with the issue is confortable with it’s worth writing it here: can you see if you get anything about Sparkle during the failed update?

I.e.: after launching, you can start the stream (in the middle of the window) and enter search term sparkle in the top right hand corner search box.

Then relaunch the upgrade and see if any error comes up (there might be a lot of noise from other apps because basically everyone uses sparkle for auto-update).

If you see anything suspicious, can you copy-paste me the results (still privately because those can contain personal info sometimes)? Thanks!

A user was really quick finding the log line in describing the issue, about a DSA key being missing in the new app - precisely the one we were supposed to stop supporting. I have no idea yet why that would fail only sometimes or for some users and not all the time, and not in all our tests, I’ll need to investigate a bit more and we’ll need to do another release soon.

In the mean time for affected users, you can download the latest version here :

Hi Joanna and all the users impacted with this topic,

I just want to warn you that a new version with a fix for this update has been deployed a few minutes ago.
Please let us know, if you faced it again.(I really think that it will work)



Thank you Sebastien. I can conform that the update worked without any problem :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: