PL4 - Raw file is much brighter than the exported image

I got a critique that my photos are on the dark side and in doing some comparisons, the image in PL4 viewing the raw file is almost a full stop brighter than the jpg that was exported. Even if viewing both jpg and raw in PL4, I can see the difference in brightness.

Is there a setting I’m using that is causing the exported image to be darker?

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One thought: Are you applying an ICC Profile during the export process ? image

Regards, John M

PS. Great starry image !


Hi John,
Thanks for this, I have never changed that setting, but now that you pointed it out, I tried them all.

It looks like when the setting is “As shot”, which is the default, I do end up with the darker image. sRGB and AdobeRGB are closer to the raw, so exporting as sRGB is good enough for me and solves the problem.

Thank you!

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