PL3 online manual found it! Link below for those yet to upgrade?

Hi all

I was browsing some older threads and saw mention (a reminder because I think I might have bookmarked it?) for the PL2 manual.

Well, just for a speculative look I replaced the 2 with a 3 in the URL and it worked




Just a question why do you need to bookmark the help as it’s always accessible through the app?


Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana

Thanks for the reply.

I posted that quite late last night and your reply pointed out the lax way I had titled my post…I have now edited it as appropriate.

As you can see I was trying to point out to others like myself that have yet to upgrade that the manual is ‘there’ to peruse if needed :slight_smile:

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By the way, the PDF converter (top right menu in the help page) is still doing a rather poor job. It would be nice to have access to a source file directly (a Word document for example) and we could take care of the conversion to PDF ourselves. Before someone asks : the PDF version of the manual is useful because it allows access to the documentation while the user is not connected.


Could it be considered to allow download of the HTML version of the manual so that we could display it in a browser while offline ?


NB : Not a new request but as everyone knows, I’m somewhat stubborn :grin:


Just downloaded it and it seems fine to me.

Viewing it in Foxit Reader.

As you can see, it is split up into topics. Note that I did edit it by removing blank pages and cleaning the hierarchy, but it was perfectly usable before.

If DxO want the completed pdf so they can add it for users to download, I am more than happy to do so.

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I’m seeing this, whatever the reader :

There are also a lot of inopportune page breaks and titles separated from the corresponding text.

The pdf download does work…though not in an obvious way!

The small dialogue box that comes up has a hyperlink in it…the “Download PDF” is the clickable bit. I found it odd that the only obvious ‘button’ was the “Close” in the lower right corner of the box.

NB this is using Chrome browser :wink:


I got that before the download but after the download it was fine.

Tried different browsers? I am using Opera

I see this in Acrobat Reader and yes it seems there are a lot of blank pages.

Foxit allowed me to shift the pages up one level and then delete the blanks leaving a nice clean PDF with just subject headers down the side.

I have tried with Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer and Chrome. Same results.

Maybee all the gaps were for things that didn’t make it into 3?

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Would prefer a good PDF version for those of use who work offline. The PL2 manual has many “typos” due to the way the PDF is/was created. All the text exists–it has to to go into the HTML pages, so it should be very easy to create a good. readable PDF version–for both PL2 and PL3.
Not interested in online help–ever! Want a searchable and downloadable PDF.

On the online manual page, click on the 3 points at the top right, then choose the PDF export

This also popped up when I searched again: