PL3 not recognizing exported images on Mojave

I occasionally send images to an external tool like Photoshop. I send tiffs and PL2 always recognized the new image and displayed it in the filmstrip, but PL3 does not display the tiff image. When I save the image from PS or some other image processor it also does not show up in the filmstrip and I am left without the processed image.

Of course it is actually in the folder and if I go to the Library tab, change folders and then change back it shows up, but this is very different functionality than I saw in Pl2 where all of this worked properly.

Is anyone else seeing this?

I think I have found the cause of this issue. Under certain circumstances PL3 seems to lose track of exactly what folder it is working on and thus can not monitor the folder for new images. I have to try to find out why it is losing knowledge of what folder is being used - that is, what sequence causes that.

If I make sure that the current folder is selected before exporting the image the _openWith image does appear. If the folder does not appear as selected the _openWith image does not appear. Fortunately I have a screen video showing this and I will send it to the Dxo folks.