PL 5.1, better filter options, but still only half the way

maybe you canget a look here Select and rate the photos - TuTo DxO

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In the PhotoLibrary you could click on a filter button to deselect properties of images you don’t want to see (at the moment). Now you need to click on the properties you do want to see. I could send a screenshot but it’s all German…

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Ok. got it, Thanks!!

The filter still feels strange:

My test images all have modules.

  • When I check “module found”, all images get hidden
  • When I check “module not found”, all images get hidden
  • When I check “ambiguity”, nothing is shown, although one image has an ambiguity

Note: I deleted the database before testing, which does not seem to matter in this case…

I searched wherever this option “module check” was and looking at the manual … not available in Win version :joy:

I agree, strange thing. But using the apparently very exotic Lumix with L-Mount and Sigma lenses, I’m used to “no module found” :smirk: Although, when I ticked that line, it did show a lot of the pictures with no module in it. And in other folders I had the impression, it downloaded some modules twice or three times.

Just looked at the new filter option and I have some comments and BUG! @sgospodarenko, could you please look at this?

  1. Images to be processed with… do not have icons next to then like other filters. It would be most useful to see what you will be filtering for: HQ, PRIME and DeepPRIME by having their icons on these filter items in the same way others do.
  2. The Cannot be processed option has a ! icon but I have a photo that has that icon and when I filter for this my photo does not display. I think the issue is that the ! is used for both a Cannot be processed state and a state when a photo has been processed and then further changes have been made. This is very confusing and there should be a different icon for the second case where further changes have been made to a processed image.

Maybe this is still current:

I created a separate post with my issue, but so far I’m not at all a fan for one main reason!!! I agree still a lot of work has to be done for filter options. Really I would like to see the filter options greatly expanded and become a dockable panel that I can put under the metadata section on the left side. But I’m glad they are thinking about this and trying to improve it.


Did you try “Ready to develop” (or “Ready for development”, have no clued about English translation)?

The pain with the filter is, that it collapses each time an item is ticked or unticked as posted by @JoJu.

In order to improve usability, the filter should have checkboxes (one for each entry) plus three buttons (select all/select none/commit) and stay expanded until the “commit” button is pressed. An implementation similar to copy/paste settings would greatly improve usability.

Bonus: A built in check will grey out filters contradicting current selections (if such cases exist)

Some wording has changed: DPL5’s NR wording is imperative. I prefer DPL 4’s friendlier text.

The settings above produce the same view in DPL4 and DPL5. As soon as I activate “Modul gefunden” in DPL5’s filter, all thumbnails vanish. This definitively feels wrong (all my test images have modules).


This must be a Mac issue as Windows is fine, I can keep ticking options without the filter window closing.

Hello @Pieloe

maybe some stuff for the difference list


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In Windows I can tick & untick the Filter images, but Sort images closes straight away.


In order to improve usability, the filter should have checkboxes (one for each entry) plus three buttons (select all/select none/commit) and stay expanded until the “commit” button is pressed. An implementation similar to copy/paste settings would greatly improve usability.

Some time ago I had proposed something similar. As user I want to ‘see’ the filtering / sorting result
before that window closes.

found it:

Sorting images
Click on ascending/descending arrow closes the window immediately
(to check or revert I have to open again)
→ add an OK button to confirm / maybe also reset to a custom choice

and for the Filter

Filter images

→ option to stack JPEG with RAW-files !

…nothing says that the filters have to wait to go active until that button is pressed. Rename it to “close filter window” or “Adelgunde” and everybody can be happy…

You guys totally broke the most useful filter option for me.
It is now impossible to show only the images that have not been processed.
Before I can unselect processed, waiting to be processed, and in process images, and I would see all the images I haven’t sent for processing at least once.

This is now impossible.

I’m not about to go back to version 4 but the inability to show only unprocessed images is a major omission. While the old filter system was sometimes cumbersome (having to click on *, **, *** and **** to see only *****) it was much more logical than the new one and should have been enhanced by enabling custom searches rather than this illogical, back-to-front version.

To see all ★★★★★ you also had to click on “unrated”. So, that’s 5 clicks + another 5 clicks as the window (on the Mac version) always closed (and still does) to open it again after each new selection.
That was not logic except if “logic” is the most cumbersome and time-wasting way to select something.

“Custom searches”? Depending. If I can save them as standing search folders, why not. But then it needs a better organisation structure. And “unprocessed” images are selectable. On a Mac, that for once is some feature not available on Windows, therefore the users have to be at least a bit punished by clicking the filter button a couple of times too often.

Btw., how about to make a filter setting a “custom search” without having first to find out what you need to set up the dedicated search window? That’s something C1 can do (but it is well hidden in the menu)

That’s shockingly bad - I’m glad I’m on a pc! Obviously you’re right about having to click on “unrated” too. But it was logical because all search combinations were possible, if sometimes cumbersome, whereas this is no longer the case with PL5. I didn’t mind the 5 clicks to only see the 5 star shots because I’d only have to do it once before working on all the 5 star shots in a folder, and in fact because the search was “sticky” you could move on to other folders too.

Custom searches should just be a section of the list below the standard ones - there would be a button to “save this search” and when you click on it, a field would appear for you to type in a name for the search. But of course you couldn’t do that with this new version because not all searches are possible, no matter what combination of criteria you use, due to the search filter not being fully logical.

I’ve also discovered another problem with the filter, which I should probably post separately. I use the Nik suite as a plug-in and whenever I process an image with one of the Nik modules a TIF is generated - this probably happens with other plug-ins too. I don’t keep them because the files are huge - about 100MB each - so I delete them once I’ve done any further necessary work on them and saved them as jpegs. In the PL4 filter, clicking on RAW removed all the RAW files, leaving the TIFs so that I could just highlight all of them and delete them all at once. But in PL5, you click on “Images generated by DxO Photolab” and it finds most of the TIFs, but sometimes not all of them, for no obvious reason.

For the sake of completeness, here are the filter options for PL4 (left) and PL5 (right).

I still has PL 5 previous version in my laptop and at desktop PC newest PL 5.
I see difference how filters behave in these systems even same selection is set.

In latest versio filter seem to act so that only selected topics are shown and in previous version you can tick one type of photos out from list.

I use lot in prosessing filters processed and rejected.
I narrow list of photos that way.
It works fine in preveous PL5 version, but not anymore in latest.
Hopefully this will be fixed.