PL 4 and 5 + New LightroomC 11 - Exported DNGs add previous Lightroom settings in LightroomC

If I edit CR2 files (6D, 6D II, 50D) in either PL4 or PL5 and export them back to Lightroom Classic 11, LightroomC adds whatever LightroomC corrections had been previously made, effectively doubling up corrections. This happens whether I simply open the CR2 in PL and then export to LightroomC or export from LightroomC via File>Plugin Extras>Transfer to PL and then export to LightroomC.
It’s easy to fix. I just reset the DNG in LightroomC, and the sliders go back to zero corrections and then the DNG looks the same in Lightroom and PL Nonetheless, it’s not very helpful behavior. PL sees the uncorrected raw file only, which is what I want if I want to do most of my editing in PL, but then I have to fix the resulting DNG–not a big deal, really. In fact I guess it might be beneficial if I just wanted to apply optical corrections in PL to an image I already edited in Lightroom.
Am I misunderstanding something? Is this the way it’s supposed to work? I don’t think PL DNG exports for worked that way with the previous version of Lightroom, but it’s now unavailable.

Hi Dudley, welcome to the forum.

The observation you made has already been addressed here:

Sorry about that, but this seems opposite to what the OP is experiencing. Anyway, I’ll put this ion the other thread.