PL 4.01 for Windows "Smart Workspace" filter fix only works in current editing session

I was pleased at first with the PL 4.01 fix that prevents filters from expanding the tools every time you select one, but that feature only seems to work in the current session. After closing PhotoLab and then restarting it I selected all the filter buttons again and everything was fully expanding again. I was quite surprised. I’m going to reinstall 4,01 again.

Edit: I reinstalled PL 4.01 and had the same issue. The 4.01 filter button fix only works for me in the current editing session.



Hello Mark,

Yes, it’s true and by design. @StevenL could you, please, have a look? :point_up_2:

Thank you
Svetlana G.

That does not seem to make any sense. What’s the point of even allowing us to configure how the “Smart Workspace” filters will look if we have to redo them for every session? What is the advantage of that design? I was excited that PL 4.01 made the buttons more useful. However, by not retaining my expanded/contracted tool configuration across sessions, the buttons are mostly unusable for me. What was the purpose of PL 4.01?


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I can switch on Smart selection after app restartand it is there again, but unluckily the states (one line or enlarged) of the individual functions are not stored and you have to redo them.
It would be great if both is stored!
I usually have ~3-4 enlarged and the rest just one line because I do not need them on more than 10% of the pictures

If this behaviour is by design it’s just plain wrong. Some people prefer the tools open, with all options available. That’s cool. Some people prefer them closed, so that you can have a clean interface. That’s cool too. But surely very few people want to clean up the interface by closing all the tools, only to have them open again next time?

Please reconsider this decision.


You could create even seperate workspaces for different camera setup use’s.
Bring up the most used tools for that type of shooting at the top.

The selection color, light and such , button’s are a partial “workspace” which you invoke when click on the button. That’s why it overrides your personal setting of the row.
So you could make
Workspace light.
Workspace color.
Workspace creative
And bring in those the important things to the top wile still have all tools visible.

One thing i didn’t tested is the fact if you change a workspace it changes preset to.
It shouldn’t because it’s layout driven as i understand it correctly.

You can change between workspace’s in a editing session without resetting slidervalue’s so it should work.
Create workspaces made on priority of use of tools
Create (partial)presets made for your preferences about portret, landscape, studio, archiceture and such.
Create preset for starting point of a camera. And for every type of shooting with that camera.(edit: This can be embedded or with partial preset’s in color wb, rendering profile which exclude your settings for camera only.)
Create partial override presets of every lens you manually perfected.

You can make folders in preset manager per camera and per type of use so you can cluster those in a useage manner.
Naming everything to logic understanding what is what.

This would be a workflow. Single or multi image’s selection.
Click preset camera type and type of use.
Click partial preset which lens you used.
Choose appropiate workspace
And your off…:grin: