PL 3 on Big Sur?

Not completely new to PL, but rather a beginner using PL3, I didn’t have intension to upgrade to PL4 just yet.

Now Apple comes with Big Sur as a new OS 11 (the non-beta version). PL3 works on my later MacBook Pro (early 2011) on High Sierra, but will it work on Big Sur?

as far as I know, MacBook Pro from 2011 can’t migrate to Big Sur. They start at 2012 for this.

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I have a late 2012 iMac, and am currently running Mac OS10.15.7 (Catalina), which I installed almost a year after launching! I understand, however, that I will not be able to upgrade to Big Sur (MacOS 11). I read this morning about iMac specs for OS11 being late 2014 or later.
I am planning a new iMac in the future, but first want to await the development of the hardware (ARM processors). I used to be an early adapter, but no longer since I retired. :slight_smile:

Completely right… High Sierra is the latest OS my Pro 2011 is compatible with. PL 3 still works on that one - at times rather slow when working in large file.

My newly purchased 2020 has Catalina installed from factory. PL 3 works fine, but if I would decide to run Big Sur, would it still do so… Since DxO now had a nice price on update to PL 4 , I took offer. But Big Sur will have to wait. I’m not too keen on bugs.

Ok, about PL3 compatibility with Big Sur you have here some feedbacks:

On my side, PL4 is running fine on Big Sur.

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Maybe commercially not attractive, but from a user’s point nice, a suggestion from my side.

For those users who would like to continue to work with their beloved PL3, but on the same time want to switch to Big Sur, an update for PL3 would be nice.

Can I clarify what’s going on here?
I’ve got a Mac which is capable of running Big Sur, but haven’t upgraded yet.
Will PL3 keep running if I upgrade?

Hi Paul

I’m on Big Sur and DPL 3 seems to run smoothly (seems as I just had a try now to answer).

Thanks - I’ll give the update a try :smile: