Photolab Crashes-Frustrated-My Experience & Solution Intel

Hi, there if you are one of the frustrated, let me relay my experience.
( Running Windows 10 - Chrome)
I don’t offer any magic bullet just my personal experience in case it may be of value to someone.
I suddenly had crashes on Photolab2, deleted prog and reloaded Several times, tried Photolsb3 with same results.

Contacted support several times, followed their instructions as best I could (similar canned response each time from support), still no success, and they were not willing to take control of my computer to endeavour to personally find a solution, as many other suppliers are willing to do.

So after another couple of months, I came back to this issue. I had previously unsuccessfully tried to update my Intel 630 graphic driver because Intel had to refer me to my system custom manufacture, who I was unable to contact at that time.

So after a couple of more months ( trying to contact my System Supplier) we finally connected and they took control of my desktop and said that they had successfully updated said, driver.

Photolab STILL would only CRASH on startup.
All Other Sofware Progs were Still Running Without Problem.
Searching Intel site again they still informed me that my 630 was still in need of an update.

So again back, a month later (hard to contact), to my system manufacturer for another attempt to update my driver. After a two-hour online takeover help session, with much difficulty, the manufacturer solved the tricky and obscure problem by force manual updating the driver. (Their words)

Success Photolab now working OK.

In Summary
My many hours of initial research on “crashing” problem revealed an abnormally high number of others with this same problem? IMHO this software is very easily corrupted by minor computer maladjustments.
I did find one other lesser-known photographic software prog with similar issues (that I had previously deleted as too troublesome)

If DXO had gone online to my desktop with personal support first up this problem may have been more speedily resolved.

In the end, the problem was on my computer but?

I guess if it was easy everyone would be using it.