PhotoLab and iPad and Photos app

I hadn’t thought about that. Nikon has three choices for the ‘jpg’, “fine”, “normal”, and “basic”. I would have selected “normal”, but based on what you just wrote, I will use “fine”.

Apparently they will be saved to Card #1, along with the raw files. That’s OK.

“Ain’t nuthin’ easy.” :slight_smile:

This topic is interesting but I fail to see a direct connection with PhotoLab or any other DxO product. This seems more like a question for a general photography website rather than a product specific feedback site like this one. So far there have been 21 posts in this thread and it appears that only the first one even mentions PhotoLab. If DxO wants to encourage the posting of non product specific general photography topics perhaps they should implement a separate section within this site for that purpose.



True, but if DxO is not policing these threads, why should we?

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@mikemyers With the D750 you can use cardslot 1 for RAW and cardslot 2 for JPG. Don’t know (anymore), what will happen if you change the output size, basic and fine are just the compression rates. There’s a possibility to change frame sizes, but I’m not sure how that would influence RAW sizes.

@mwsilvers Fully agree. That’s why I made fun of it in the first place.

The end goal is to get all these photos into PhotoLab. The issue is when I make a short trip, and only have my iPad. Unlike Photoshop and Lightroom, PL5 isn’t useful with an iPad. As I posted originally:

Most of the people I was hoping to get advice from are here, in this forum, and I appreciate the feedback I got. If a SO (System Operator) wants to delete the thread, so be it. Besides, “off-topic” discussions are part of what makes this forum so useful.

I have planned to call Nikon Tech Support 1-800-NIKONUX on Tuesday to get their advice, and to verify this is compatible with saving images on one card, and video on the other. None of that is a big deal. Being able to use the photos I took, when away from my laptop and PL5, was the goal of this thread.

We used to call that “item drift”, and it’s a natural happening in most forums. As for me, I often learn far more from the “drift” than from the original answer to the thread. Nobody is forcing anyone to read every thread posted here, unless they want to, so people who are bothered by it can look elsewhere. Just my opinion…

Perhaps off topic discussions may be interesting however, almost al those discussions on this site have been started by you and are usually the only ones you ever post to. I think you would probably learn more if you participated and contributed to threads other than your own. I am not suggesting you stop creating these threads but sometimes you seem unaware that this is a DxO product line feedback forum rather than a general photographic site. Having said that, you have a perfect right to post whatever you wish unless DxO decides otherwise.



Until recently, I was overwhelmed just learning PhotoLab. That branched off into how to better use my cameras, etc. You’re right.

I go to the Leica Forum to learn about Leica, and I used to go to the Nikon Forum, but people such as @Joanna seem to know more than all the people I’ve met in the other forums.

Other stuff just seems to come up all the time.

Yes, I’ve looked at other discussions here, but for the most part, they are way over my head. …and as you noted, I already post too much here, so jumping into many other discussions would NOT be a good idea. The reason I’m here, is mostly to learn about PhotoLab, but to be honest, I’m mostly here because of @Joanna, @platypus, @wolfgang, and so many other people. I’ve bought every version of PhotoLab since PL3, and a lot of other software from DxO, which I never would have known about or bought had I not been involved in this forum. Isn’t that a big part of the reason why DxO provides this forum?

Take a look in the manual for your D750. You can record RAW on one card and JPEG on the other

Aha! Photo Shooting Menu.

Everything is all set up for a test.
Raw goes to slot #1
JPG goes to slot #2
Movie goes to slot #2

I’ll try it tonight or tomorrow just to be sure, but I expect it will be fine.

Card #1 will be only my RAW images to be imported by PhotoMechanic, and processed in PL5.
Card #2 will be for JPG images to be imported into Apple Photos on my iPad, and also
Card #2 will be for video to be copied to my MacBook Pro, and processed in Final Cut Pro.

I’m not quite done. The Nikon has lots of video recording options. Tonight or tomorrow I need to call Apple Tech Support, and find out what the best choice might be for Final Cut Pro for editing.

Thanks; I can now put this aside, and start learning how to do some fun stuff, just for me, creating what Apple calls “Memories”. My iPhone makes the happen without even asking me, but I want to do it to show what I want included, not what the computer selects.

The hospital can’t afford it, but I wish I could get all their hospitals to switch to PL5. We will be having a discussion about this, but there are too many computers, at too many hospitals. Three years ago they found an Adobe plan for non-profit applications. I may be asking more about this, but not until we discuss it at the hospital.

Again, thanks.

Discussion finished, I think…

Related to this issue - does anyone know of a way to copy image files from a card to a portable harddrive/SSD using only an iPad, or similar?

When travelling I usually have a backup strategy of (1) keep the card - never erase or reformat, (2) using card reader, copy to laptop internal drive, and (3) copy from laptop to external drive, finally (4) keep all these in separate locations when flying.

(1) and (3) are probably sufficient, but with an iPad? Or an Android tablet might be better?

Have a look at @mikemyers’ first post and at this: ‎OWC Copy That Mobile on the App Store

Hmmm - that looks like it copies images already on the iPad/iPhone to an external drive. So probably wouldn’t allow copying of RAW files.

Whatever you do, you really don’t ant to be copying camera RAW files onto an iPad, unless you got a very large memory version and some decent software to process them.

I thought I had an answer, but it didn’t account for powering up the USB drive. Here’s a complete solution that does what you want, and a lot more:

Copy files from a card to a portable USB drive using an iPad:

Copy files as requested, using an iPad

There may be other devices - I might buy one of these just to have it with me. It should satisfy @Joanna’s requirements not to fill up the limited space on the iPad with the huge raw files.

Read the “description” text on YouTube to find specific part numbers, and remember, to allow your external hard drive to be compatible with both Apple and Windows software, it needs to be formatted as ExFAT. A Windows formatted drive is probably NTFS, which won’t work, but an ExFAT formatted drive works with anything (I think).

Please note that the USB hub that is shown in the video needs a power adapter, which brings us to a total of three boxes and cables and adapters. I’d not call that traveling light :wink:

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I travel with a light laptop (windows equivalent of the MacBook Air) and an external SSD drive. Worked well for many years and I can use RAW and the full suite of software I need.

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So do I. An iPad was never meant to be more than a digital hand-held scribble-/surf-/game-/video device. Some apps try to get over that, even Capture One goes iPad. But every handheld device has a higher risk to fall or bump onto something.

Until now, I’ve done the same, since 2015 using a MacBook Pro with external mouse and an external USB drive maybe a year or so after I started doing this. Before the MacBook Pro, I used a Windows Lenovo W530 laptop for many years, but got tired of the weight.

Laptops are still mostly up to what’s needed nowadays, but Apple’s Pro iPad series is getting to where it can do the job. I’ve got an 11 inch Pro, and at the Apple store I saw where they have all the bits and pieces to mostly turn it into a laptop. I bought a case for the Pro, so it now stands on my desk like a laptop. I had an unused “magic keyboard” which I coupled to it with bluetooth, and then did the same with an extra “Magic Mouse”. With a “dongle” I can plug in any number of things via the USB port.

I have to admit, the iPad can’t do all the things a laptop can do, but the reverse is also true - the iPad can do things that Apple laptops can’t.

@Joju writes about what the iPad was “meant to do”, but one could say the same for the iPhone. Both have gone well beyond the original design. He also mentioned a higher risk of damage from a fall, but that risk is minimized by buying a good case. My case even has a notch in which to keep an “Apple Pencil”.

The real limitation is that some apps written for macOS may not work on iPadOS. That’s the last thing you wrote, the ability to “use RAW and the full suite of software I need”. Maybe that will improve over time.

@mikemyers A couple of things you may want to consider:

You say that you may use an Apple Photos Shared Album.
Please be aware that it requires an Apple iCloud account for others to view a Shared Album.
Such an account can only be created if one has an Apple device.

Secondly, about shooting raw + jpg.
When you export an image from Apple Photos it will convert a raw image to jpg first, so shooting jpg may not be necessary.

You may want to experiment a bit with this option to see if the jpg files are good enough to your taste though.
You will find an export to disk option in the Photos File - Export menu.

You can also use the share option in Photos and select mail as the medium, in that case it will mail a jpg version of the raw image.

The problem is that trying to load RAW files onto an iPad is going to fill it up really fast. Much better toi only use the iPad for quick edits to JPEGs for immediate sharing, and leave the RAWs until you can get to a decent real computer.