Photolab a Money Trap? Absurt DXO pricing!

They used to be very good enabling customers to disable installs on line from there accounts. The way they treat customers now should be a warning to DxO and others, they used to have a very good forum but didn’t just ignore it just closed it totally. I still have one life time program but wouldn’t use then again.

It might be suitable to move the backup software discussions to another forum section. :slight_smile:

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I will look in to this. It´s 67 Euro now.

Does Macrium offer the same kind of possibility to just dubbel click the backup file and give access in a file manager interface just to copy a single or a bunch of files you just want to manually copy to replace a file that needs to get restored without any type of extra muddle?

Yes. Open Macrium Software- “mount Image” and you have you drive in file explorer.

Great, thanks for the info :slight_smile: