PhotoLab 6 Support Delays/TImeline?

I’ve had a support request open about PL 6 not being able to open certain Canon R5 images since January, and I haven’t been able to get a response from them in several months.

Has anyone else opened a support request that had to go to development? Is it normal for DxO support to completely ignore you?

Can you share the nature of the problem? Perhaps we can help assist you.


Thats where most thing go and all to often never get anything resolved. I have had one bouncing about for year’s others are luckier and have them resolved but you aren’t always told when that happens. That also happend to me with one bug that was fixed but I suspect no one told support so I wasn’t told it was fixed by them.

Hi Mark,

The issue is the some images taken with a Canon R5 with a Sigma 100-400 get the error “Internal Error (Error in Prepare)” when trying to preview in PL 6.
Trying to apply corrections to those same images gives the error “Cannot get BxU value for XY position”.

There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with the files. Lightroom/ACR, Canon DPP, and even Windows Photos can read them fine.

The PL 6 errors don’t appear to be related to a specific computer, installation, hardware, or OS. I can replicate the same across multiple machines.

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You refer to some images. Is the problem consistent? In other words, will the ones that fail always fail, and will the ones that work always work? Or do the same images work on some occasions and not work on other occasions? If Which version of of PhotoLab 6 are you using, Windows or Mac? Have all the PhotoLab 6 updates been applied? Which specific Sigma 100-400 are you using there are a couple which are supported. Are you using an Extender?

If there is a consistency and the same files will always fail, would you be willing to share a few of those raw files with us?


Hi Mark,

The problem is consistent. I can’t upload CR3 files directly, so here are Dropbox links to a couple of failing ones:

The optics combo for all those images was a

  • Sigma 100-400mm 5-6.3 DG Contemporary
  • Canon EF 2x III extender
  • Canon EF-RF converter

Other images taken with the same combo processed successfully.

I use PhotoLab on Windows.
I am up to date with updates on version 6.8. However, the issue has been present since whichever release was current back in January. The intermediate versions did not resolve.

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Thank you. I’m out right now, but I will be home shortly. The first thing I want to do is test to see whether I have a similar problem with those files. I am running the most current version of PhotoLab 6 on a Windows 10 machine with all updates. Assuming for the moment that they work on my machine, then we can start to delve deeper on how our environments differ from each other. Of course, if they fail to load on my version, I will try to determine why that might be. But, keep in mind, that I am not a DxO employee and may be unable to resolve this. One question that immediately comes to mind is what graphics card are you using?


I’ve just tested your files with PL6.8 on my Mac and found that it is the optical module that causes the error message. Unload the module and the error disappears.

Updating to PL6.8.1 solves it for me.

Yep, I have the same issue.

It is interesting that the optics module works on some images but not on others. Deleting it fixed the problem. Ant thoughts @Joanna?


As I mentioned, upgrading to 6.8.1 solves it.

The most current Windows version is 6.8.0.


Ah. In that case, Windows users presumably should get un update soon?

Or not. :roll_eyes:


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Where are you able to find 6.8.1? I can’t download an update later than 6.8.0

you are on windows…see the posts above

Win 10, PL6.7 buid 219. No problem. After downloading the module also an internal error.

De lens is with EF2xiii.


It’s not as how it should be, but removing the module gives you access to the image. If you want.