PhotoLab 3 and 4 won’t open

This is strange. Running 2017 iMac with Fusion Drive. Somehow things got messed up when I updated the OS to Catalina. The OS was installed on the normal HD instead of the SSD. Probably my fault but further issues occurred and everything was running slow. Plenty of memory and disc space. Today I installed OS on the SSD. Everything was a lot faster. All my apps opened. But then I changed some things and somehow interfered with PhotoLab 3 and 4(which I bought today) don’t open. I have to force quit them. Pretty sure it has to do with privacy and permissions but all other apps work. Any ideas? Thanks.

Could this be relevant?

I just saw it in a newsfeed. Could explain why PL took a long time (minutes) to open for me last night. Haven’t tried today, or with any other apps.

Normally you can chose to store an app on the SSD or the HDD unless you have “broken” the fusion - as far as I know. How did you choose to have the OS stored on the SSD?
In case you have broken it up - maybe that is the cause of the problems. If that is the case and you want to “fuse” it again see here:

Fusion drives seem to allow for some control of where things will go. Check this page for details. Make sure to have at least one (preferably bootable) backup drive before changing partitions.

Yes. Apparently somehow my fusion drive had “broken” a while back because I was getting a number of weird partitions on my desktop, when I updated Catalina. Sigi, thanks for the link and I’ll re-fuse it.