Photolab 3 64 bit version does not run with windows 7 64 bit

Thanks very much but I’d like to continue to use PhotoLab on El Capitan and not have to update all my work computers from my productivity OS and fight additional spyware from Apple.

Each version of each OS from Apple and Microsoft strangles privacy ever further. Sigi, you are a frog slowly being boiled alive. If you don’t care about privacy (I’d be surprised as I believe you are German) I do. Not only that but all these totally unnecessary (when did the last OS feature I cared about come out, about seven years ago maybe) system updates are a huge productivity drain.

Amazingly enough there’s almost a one to one correspondence with the advent annual OS updates and an annual drop off of knowledge worker productivity of about 15%. DxO didn’t use to participate in this latest OS stupidity (cross-platform app, not dependent on latest frameworks). Sorry to see another good company lost to conventional thinking.

Hi Alec

Which are your privacy related concerns in the newer macOS and/or PhotoLab?

I know Microsoft have taken a beating for not respecting the users privacy but they have really shaping up and are not as nosy as they used to be.
What do they neglect in your opinion when it comes to privacy?
I’m not mainly a windows user.

Required, that’s a topic really far too big for this forum. If you are a Mac user, I suggest you install Little Snitch and watch how many times Apple phones home per minute and from how many different services and applications. You are on the grid full time and fully locatable within minutes every time you open your Mac unless you install Little Snitch and lock it down very tight. This is without iCloud enabled or the App Store or iTunes turned on.

For Windows, look up “Windows 10 telemetry” or “Windows 10 privacy” in any search engine. Even this banal article give you a starting point of what you are up against.

Again, online privacy and American spyware built into every OS is a very big topic. I really object to you dismissing it with a wave of the hand like that. As an IT expert, you really should know better.

Yes I’m knee deep in the area but it was not about the fact that macOS connects to Apple but regarding which personal or other information transmitted you reacted to.

I know Windows took a fair beating but they have straighten up a bit.

But as privacy is trending perhaps we can see a better less intruding systems in the future.

So what you are saying is that you are going to stop using computers all together? Because all of these things are unavoidable… Linux is your last resort and even there big corporations are making inroads and telemetry is a thing.I suppose you also use a VPN for everything and do not use a smartphone at all?

I suggest you install a Pi-hole in your home or office and just stop worrying. You are trying to solve it at the wrong level. By the way, DxO also defaults to enabling telemetry every time you update/install.

Can we not go on the attack and make it personal? We are not politicians.

Floris, you use your real name (as I do), it’s a public profile of your activities of which you are presumably proud. Why does it bother you for people to see it?

Why should you have a free pass to be dismissive and contemptuous of people actually trying to do something about privacy?

So what you are saying is that you are going to stop using computers all together? Because all of these things are unavoidable… Linux is your last resort and even there big corporations are making inroads and telemetry is a thing.I suppose you also use a VPN for everything and do not use a smartphone at all?

I would suggest you got exactly what you deserved here – a light shone on your activities and your hypocrisy. The anti-privacy nut who explodes when his identity is revealed.

I’d suggest you go back and edit the tone and even content of your posts above if you don’t want me to call you out on said hypocrisy. You may find it a good time to reflect seriously on your views on privacy and telemetry (mandatory telemetry in the American sense is mainly a cloak to steal users privacy).

I am very much aware that this information is public, and I don’t care if people Google me at all. But injecting a random piece of (very outdated) information in a discussion and taking all kinds of conclusions based on that is “whichunt / social media mob” behavior which I despise.

Whatever anyone’s opinion is, it doesn’t warrant calling people out and making false statements about their personal lifes and beliefs. You’re wrong here.

p.s. please point me to where I say I approve of telemetry as default / without consent. I don’t.

Allow me to quote Floris van Eck again:

So what you are saying is that you are going to stop using computers all together? Because all of these things are unavoidable.

A defeatist and mocking attitude. In general you struggle to engage in dialogue, Floris. I’ve observed several times you try to prove yourself right by stating the same thing over and over again when it’s clear that the other party disagrees with you and disagrees on solid ground. I dread seeing your name on a thread I’m interested in it’s certain to get noisy very soon with very little substance. Getting the last word just annoys people. It doesn’t win the argument. Give it a rest sometimes.


I think we’ve gone off topic here… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



If anyone really wants to install PL3 on Windows 7, it seems there are ways to do it. But they’re not supported in any way and might be unstable. Good luck. :smile:

As has already been said, older runtime environments - the OS and hardware - eventually become too difficult to maintain and hamper progress. When they are no longer supported, application developers must follow suit. I understand this well from professional experience: the problems are real and serious. Wanting the latest and greatest applications but sticking with a >10-year-old OS is self-defeating at some point. IMO, upgrading a computer is as necessary as upgrading a camera if one wants new features. Sometimes, though, one can stick with the old and find alternative ways to get more out of it. (Open-source software, for example.)

That post has been withdrawn. There’s nothing self-defeating about a user going three to seven years between OS updates. Productive time is working with an OS, not beta-testing for Google, Apple, Microsoft or any of the other dozen billion dollar companies who should be running their own lab testing (they could certainly afford it) and releasing major updates every two years not running a perpetual beta, running from one broken major version of the OS to another.

I’m happy to beta test for DxO as I care deeply about the software and it doesn’t affect my core productivity to face a bug in a beta version (just open the previous version in a pinch). OS is totally different.

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There is nothing in DxO Photolab 3 that is incompatible with Windows 7, it is merely that DxO doesn’t wish to test for that platform. In my opinion, it’s self-defeating (and disrespectful because Win7 is not yet obsolete and its use will be extended even by MS in certain circumstances). Moreover, the new Luminar 4 left Win7 support intact, to their great merit. I gave my Win7 money to DxO so that they could decide not to test for Win7 – for which it would technically work easily. This thread proves the blowback and justly so. What makes it not work is a BUILT-IN CHECK AGAINST WIN7. I hope you all understand that. Remove the check, but state you won’t support inquiries into DxO not working on Win7 machines. There is no merit in this decision.


And how do you backup this statement? i didn’t program dxov3 and didn’t have a backlog of new programblocks for implementing so i can’t state it is. (i don’t say it won’t work 90%-99% precent of the time but this 100% no need is a bit far out.)

Total different companies. they have there own reasons to keep win7 in there working area.
Let’s turn this around:
Why would any one not be upgrading to win10? Privacy? grown up there isn’t any privacy anymore with al the systems and connections around. Go live in the woods take a Linux cursus build your own system don’t go near any city or wifi/ cellphone system.
Win10 can be closed for peaking and poking just as good as win7. i am sure NSA has got a meating with Bill Gates about nice backdoors to build in for win10 releases and Google has it’s own metadata grabber. Same as driving a old car with no electronics to help you because the carshop can read out the chip (newcars) otherwise and did see where you went how much speed you cornered the local highway drive up, the brake force any thing they have GPS G-forcetelemtrie, recording all engine actions braking actions and assistsystems.entering your phone with bluetoothconnection like any app can geessh overload them is easier then block them. (i just live my live in a way it’s comfortable and be the ant in the antfarm as we all.)

Migration cost’s?
Well you have to go one time when your servers go down or and pc’s blow up, died on you.
Better to do it on your terms and time then forced.

It’s simple and DxO made a decision to follow there OS platform decisions Microsoft and MAC
about supporting and such. I am sure you can undo the lock and install on win 98 for what i care That’s not what it is al about. Win7 is/gonabe stopped for support and updating by Microsoft and to be clear and fair DxO follows the line but stated in front that this short period of time that the END OF LIVE of Win7’s support isn’t active they are starting a few months earlier because of there new release of V3.

On personal basis yes when i have a win7 OS i would to have a “Nonsupport” install of v3 and hope it will work without problems.
Easiest way to overcome: buy a new superfast pc win10 64 fully loaded and go remote acces from your win 7 pc… LOL:rofl:

No serious i understand peoples reaction of the sudden block of there win7 in not installing at all. But it isn’t new that win 7 is gonabe EOL-ed. (win xp is run by dutch goverment much longer then MS would be supporting and they payed bigtime to have support…
use google translate:
About lazyness and blindness spoken! :joy::crazy_face:

Everyone said there beef and i think its read but i don’t think the policy is gona be changed.

Sorry i must have blown a fuse some where…:cry::woozy_face:

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I build updated images of Windows (currently Win7, Win8.1, Win10 LTSC) via sysprep and have built many, many PC;s. I also use virtually all pro photo softwares… And maintain hundreds of silent installers. I have a little insight into software.

There are many, MANY reasons not to update to that debacle called Windows 10. Even though I have performance laptops that run it (only for lack for proper drivers for other operating systems – and WINE isn’t that good that I can abandon Windows due to softwares), on every other system that lets me I will either run Win7 or Win8. First of all, the 1.5gb update (or replace half the OS every month or two) is just an extremely bad model and has caused many issues. So with Win7 and 8.1 you have many choices and can decide which updates to install or not. Even if you use gpedit.msc to disable auto-updates in 10, when you run WU you will have no option to choose which updates install. You have to get wushowhide.diagcab and run it to hide the updates you DON’T want. Tell me that’s not backwards and has taken away the power of the user. I recently installed an automated, updated image I made of Win10 LTSC on my system (LTSC being the most tolerable of all 10s) and even with a 5,000 line registry tweak file (yes, it is tweaked into submission) the UI is still a true, deep shame and so much less fluid than Win7 that the overall user experience is choppy and deeply unpleasant at best. Win10 is truly a major step back in user experience and UI fluidity. I am an admin on a software forum as well and we have discussions like these many times, and as a general rule have found that people don’t actually feel Win10 is better from a user perspective. Usually, Win10 adherents just chime in with vague notions about outdated operating systems, but have not real insight into programming or what constitutes “security.” They don’t even know what a hosts file is but love lecturing others about what is obsolete or secure.

Adobe has the same situation with their 2020 apps, they won’t run on Win7 anymore. Well, actually not true. Audition can run but gives you error messages first, because they programmed a system check into it. My assertion that it is a built-in check against Win7 and even Win8.0 (why don’t you just slap customers in the face?) is one based on common sense and looking at the program files – and one made to illicit proof of it NOT being so by developers ( feel free to reply, devs). It is much more sensible to claim this than to claim such a check was not programmed into it.

About Win7 end of life (where is the argument for 8.0 then?), they estimate that even through 2020, the user base world wide will still be 35% (more than a third of all users in the world), much higher than after XP EOL, and the only reason it is even that “low” is because of preinstalled new hardware/machines, which is mainly how MS forces the change. But I agree it’s losing battle, compounded only by decisions of software companies to exclude the last great desktop OS. My point was DxO shoots themselves in the foot and it would easily be worth letting 3.x run on Win7. I will keep using 2.x without issue. I know DxO can’t help MS sucks so bad. Look at MS’ debacles for proof. They couldn’t make Win7 (Vista) work until too late. Fixing Vista cost MS 2 precious years during which time they majorly fell behind in many areas, culminating in Apple’s meteoric rise. Win8 was virtually unusable for many users; they got so much negative feedback (as early bird testers we tried most vehemently to persuade MS otherwise, but they never listen) – again culminating in MS doing a mea culpa of embarrassing proportions and putting the start menu back in (now sucking, in contrast to Win7’s or even XP’s), then to Win10 which is the leakiest OS in the history of Windows, the absolute worse OS to use from the perspective of security and privacy, pushing 1.5gb system updates either every month or every other month, no more service packs, no update control, lost all the precious lessons of years of Vista/Win7 UI research (oh yes, many man hours went into Win7 UI fluidity and user experience), to end up with a flat, choppy, Flintstones UI that would even shame a Win3.1 user. Nokia division bought, Win phones totally failed, but we still have people actually defending MS and Win10. Comments like yours are not about Win10 merit. It is just about stating the obvious (Win10 is it now, this is DxO’s decision). I already know all that. So I stand by what I said.


Sorry but Windows 7 is not End of Life. Is supported until 2023 via payed Extended Security Updates. Our companies are paying this extended support until Microsoft develops a non ugly unintuitive smartphone and cloud OS that is Windows 10. We are also searching other OS options, but never Windows 10.

I’m very disgusting to now need to buy other Photo RAW software than DxO because the lack of support to a SUPPORTED OS that is Windows 7.

Its also interesting that pirate versions of DxO Photolab 3 runs very well and 100% on Windows 7.


Now isn’t that interesting!

If you would be willing to elaborate I would like to know what specifically is so ugly and unintuitive about Windows 10.


It’s not macOS :nerd_face::wink::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smile::crazy_face::sunglasses:

Yep. I know, and that’s one of the reasons I use Windows 10. I also use an Android phone rather than an iPhone. I intently dislike Apples design and feature paradigm. :smiley: