Photolab 3.3

Photo lab 3.3? Is this coming soon?

My PhotoLab 3 Installation offered the update yesterday.

Still no HEIC support, still no support for more or less current iPhone models :disappointed:

Ah, thanks, I will keep an eye out, not arrived for me yet.

I installed PL3.3 last night, but didn’t buythe update from Nik 2.5 to 3 yet - first I wanted to check if other users here already updated to Nik Collection 3 and can confirm whether or not the new “non-destructive workflow” using multipage TIFF files also works in PL 3.3…
I’m asking because the press coverage on various website on this specific point has been contradictory (some saying it only works in LR Classic, others saying it’s available in PL too) and the official Nik Collection website is also not explicitely stating that it works with PL:

How would you like to be able to edit and re-edit your Nik plugin settings without destroying or losing any of the edits you’ve already made with Adobe Lightroom Classic? This brilliant new non-destructive workflow is exclusive to Nik Collection 3. Export images as TIFF files from Adobe Lightroom Classic and tweak your plugin edits as many times as you like while keeping your original adjustments completely safe and totally reversible.

Would be a shame for such a nice new feature to be available for users of DXO’s main competitor in terms of raw processing, but not for users of their own solution…

Anyway, just wanted to check before buying the upgrad to Nik 3, especially since the only other major improvement is the new Perspective Efex plug-in, which from what I understand offers the same features a DXO Viewpoint, so no real added value there for anyone using the full PL suite…

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Version 3.3 was released yesterday.

A note for all. When I look under my ‘Your Software’ page, it says my software is up to date (I currently have 3.2 installed), but if I click to download the software again it points me to the download for 3.3.

I was expecting that the ‘Your Software’ page would tell me that my software was out of date, but it appears that this is not the case.

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Without Apple Xs, Xr and 11, what a joke. After this long time, simply no longer acceptable. Photolab 4 will no longer be available from me, so superior to, competition is not.

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Downloaded PL 3.3 and NIK 3 trial (I have NIK 2.5). Found out how to go back into Colour Efex and edit. Unfortunately some changes come through to PL3.3 but some colour changes made in Colour Efex not coming through - tonal contrasts and film effects ok. Is there a problem with PL3.3 recognising all changes or Am I missing something? I have not tried NIK 3 in Photoshop or lightroom as I don’t have them. Wanted to upgrade for the non destructive workflow, if this is not effective there is no point upgrading for PL3 uses who also have Viewpoint. (No advantage also for Affinity Photo)

I haven’t had any problems so far trying it out. The edits you make in the Nik tools need to be saved to the TIFF file. Then they will be seen when you load that TIFF file in PL, Lr, etc. Since it’s a TIFF file, I don’t know why you wouldn’t see all edits that you made.

The new non-destructive workflow in Nik means you can send the TIFF you previously saved from Nik back to Nik and be able to continue working where you left off, with the same filters and controls you were using before.

Interesting feedback, thanks for sharing! I didn’t think to download the NIK 3 demo as I already have the full 2.5 version installed and I wasn’t sure they would work well together… I’ll try to give that a shot later on to see if I get similar results!
But yes, if the new workflow doesn’t work fully with PL, then there’s no added value in the upgrade (for Viewpoint owners, at least)…

I’m increasingly worried that DXO invests too much of its energy in the Nik Collection and too little in its prime product PhotoLab. I understand the difficulties of a relatively small team in a pandemic situation, but if I do not see significant progress in Photo Lab 4, I will reconsider my financial support for this product.
A year ago, the controversial button for Nick Collection appeared in Photolab, after which Photolab 3 offered very few improvements over Photolab 2. I am afraid that this year things are developing according to the same logic. I hope I’m wrong …


I have the same concerns. The upgrade from version 2 to 3 didn’t offered much I use but I paid for it in order to support development. But features I would really need like HEIC and support for recent iPhones models were postponed again and again. I’m pretty sure neither will be implemented in version 4. If the next upgrade doesn’t offer significant features that are relevant for me I’ll skip that version.


I completely disagree. PhotoLab 3 added the HSL Color Wheel which was a game changer in color management. It also added the Local Adjustment panel and its new abilities to move, delete, copy, and invert masks, as well as a slider to change mask opacity. As a result PhotoLab now has immensely powerful and highly competitive Local Adjustment functionality. PhotoLab 3 also include a totally redesigned repair tool and the addition of a clone tool. Those are three very significant improvements over PhotoLab 2 and I use all three of them extensively every day. While those enhancements may not be important to you, they are, nonetheless, major updates to the previous version.



I found the answer to my question over in the Nik part of the forum, were multiple users seem to confirm that the non-destructive workflow is available with PL 3.3 too:

So that’s a good point - now as to whether that’s worth the upgrade price for people using PL with Viewpoint…

I tend to agree with you Mark. Being a newcomer to to Dxo photo lab and a long time user of Nik plugins (from their original incarnation) , I can say the two things that led me to buy Photolab 3.X Elite was the HSL tool and the inclusion of local adjustments… Seems like Dxo are doing the right things to me.

Local adjustments were originally implemented in PhotoLab 1 in October 2017, Prior to that PhotoLab’s predecessor, Optics Pro 11, did not have local adjustment capability. Local adjustments have evolved since they were first implemented.


I, in turn, completely disagree with you. In This is the beauty of different points of view.

The HSL color wheel is an interesting tool for manipulating colors. Manipulation, not management! The color management in Photolab urgently needs updating. We are talking about problems with attached profiles with srgb, 8-bit screen output, etc.
In addition, I use this feature very rarely.

The local settings are … annoying. So much so that I export in TIFF format and make them in Caputure NX2. I moved to the DXO team because of the u-points technology, but the realization in Photolab is mediocre. This same technology blaze in Capture NX2. And this is software that was discontinued about 5 years ago.

Do not get me wrong. My goal is not to argue with you. I would like to see a PhotoLab 4 that is worth it. In the current situation with massively postponed photographic engagements, I would not like to have to invest in Capture One.

P.S.: I really bought the PhotoLab3 update as a sign of support. Not because of these features you listed. If I had to choose just one thing to keep from PhotoLab 3, it wouldn’t be any of that, but something that was done quietly, without much fuss. It’s about those little arrows that make my life more enjoyable.

Koko :slight_smile:

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Did anyone notice a performens backdraft?
in local adjustment mode:

simple two mask and two controlpoints just loading the preview.
every change is preview lagging few seconds.

i think my PC is getting cornered against the fence, getting old.

Regardless, since I am a long time user of the Nik Collection and was drawn to Dxo Photolab through use of Dxo Photolab 2 (bundled), I would like to see improvements to both Nik and Photolab. I don’t know much about DxO, their staff compliment or coding capacity, but think it wise of them to not concentrate their efforts in one area or another.

There are always going to be requests of various forms from various people about various topics, well it is obvious that Dxo or any software company cannot satisfy everyone. At the end of the day only Dxo can decide where the biggest bang for buck is to be had… With a little help from their friends :wink:.

Slightly off topic, I have warmed to the idea of getting Nik 3, I think at second look the ability to re-edit Nik edits would be useful enough to justify the outlay.

I downloaded PL3.3 and I am very disappointed that DxO skipped Olympus E-PL9 (and E-PL8), dealing directly with E-PL8.

Someone from DxO told me long ago that E-PL9 was planned. The sensor of E-PL9 and E-PL10 seem so simular that I think it’s really too bad.

Another thing : Topaz DeNoise AI does a very good job and often it’s better than Prime denoising. It’s a strong competitor, and that’s what I use for my E-PL9 !!! I hope the next iteration of Prime denoising (PL4 ?) will fill the gap.

Best regards

Frédéric Bernard