PhotoLab cannot be installed under Windows 10

The application cannot be installed under Windows 10 (Version 1903). When Windows starts the installation program, it displays the following message: “The computer is protected by Windows. The execution of this application represents a risk for the PC”.
No Problem with PhotoLab 3.0.3.

I had this as well, you can over ride it (I forget exactly how sorry)its something I have had a number of times with “new” programs/updates. I do only over ride it if I am downloading from the publishers site and know its OK.

If you click the “Tell me more” (called that or similar) it then shows an option to ignore the warning and allows you to install.

Had this issue last night.

Hello guys,

Yep, it can happen -

We’ll have a look if the problem can be solved on a web side.

Svetlana G.

In the meantime, click “More info” and you will get an option to override Smartscreen and do the install

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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