Photolab 2.1

“This latest upgrade was sold entirely on the basis of upcoming functionality.”

Was it? I missed that. I thought they delivered what they advertised for the latest upgrade. Separately they have revealed their development plans. But if you say they lied I guess they lied.

They didn’t lie, they just didn’t meet the high and hopeful expectations of many of us.


Mark I get that. I count myself amongst the disappointed that there wasn’t more. However, it was not sold “…entirely on the basis of upcoming functionality”, nor are the bugs “criminal” as per our earlier debate.

Why do I care? Because I have time and money invested in this product and I very strongly want DxO to be successful so it is not wasted (as it was with Aperture and other dropped products). The people making overblown and inflammatory comments threaten that success and therefore my personal investment.

By all means people should complain about what they don’t like, and if they believe that the communications from the company need to be better. However I would prefer it they get some perspective first before they put off prospective buyers with ill-considered statements.

I’ve said my piece. I allowed myself to be dragged into this debate because of some outrageous comments, but I’m not getting any further into it.

You are preaching to the choir. I agree 100% with every word you just posted. That’s why I was an early adopter of Photolab 2.0. It was to show my continuing support of this software. I’m invested in PhotoLab as well as Viewpoint, FilmPack 5 Elite and DXO’s NIK Collection.

I enjoy using their products more than any other post processing software I’ve ever tried, and I’ve spent considerable time with almost all of them. I love the interface, their implementation of the controls and the feature set. I’ve tried the competition, even those with far more features, and still prefer using PhotoLab, primarily for the ease and speed of applying edits, their implementation of the controls, PRIME noise reduction, and above all, the quality results I’m able to get from it.

Apparently some users don’t care about it that much and would have no problem dumping it, or seeing DXO fail as a company, if PhotoLab doesn’t improve and rise to their frankly unrealistic expectations. I wonder how they would feel If PhotoLab ceased to exist… I want more as well, who doesn’t. But I think I temper my demands with a realistic understanding of what is possible for them to accomplish with a small staff in the short term, and what is not.