Panning in "table mode"

I’m quite new to PL and I’m struggling to find while searching on google or in the forums if it is possible to pan in “table mode” when zoomed to 100 %. Like the page down/page up command in lightroom.

I usually start my workflow going through my image to see if there are any dust spots that needs to be removed and this function really helps a lot to make sure I do this systematically, it’s so easy to get lost when doing this with the regular hand tool.


I have no idea what you mean by “table mode” but when viewing images at any zoom level, when the full image does not appear on the screen, you can use the mouse pointer to pan the image in any direction. You can also use the pointer to move the boxed area to various positions in the Move/Zoom palette. There are no key strokes available to do this.


I’ll try to explain what I mean by panning like a table.

Think of the image as it would be divided into a grid where each cell is as big as what is in the view at the current zoom level you’re in. When hitting page down you travel down one cell so you work on that cell and not overlapping the previous area you were working on. When you’re at the bottom of the image and hit page down again the view travels to the top of the image but one cell to the right. So you can hit page down until you’re at the bottom right cell.

This is a very fast way of going through the whole image to eg. erase dust that was on the lens. It is also a way of knowing that you have covered the whole image and not missing a spot, which is very easy to do when using the hand tool and cursor or any other way of manual panning.

I now understand what you meant by table mode, but my original answer still holds. There are no keystrokes which will allow you pan through an image, only a mouse pointer, other types of pointing devices, and your finger if you have a touch screen. There is no way to pan using predefined, evenly sized, units. You can accomplish that somewhat by using the move/zoom window to ensure you didn’t miss part of the image, but that is about as far as it goes.



Ok, thanks for the Swift reply!

Maybe I’ll submit it as a feature request then. :wink:

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Hi @Joakimst,
I’ll take notice of your feedback, this “panning-table-feature” could be useful in some cases.