(optionally) embed original raw filename as keyword in exported file

to assist with workflow that renames exported files and to allow for backtracking to the source/original raw image.

I think there is a recommendation to add original filename to the IPTC element “Title”. I should not contaminate the “Keyword”-element with filenames.


The request seems to exist in other apps too: On Mac, the Graphic Converter app has a menu item that can copy the filename to e.g. IPTC Title. Other than that, file names mostly come in a fixed structure like XXXXnnnn. If the last four characters are kept when the files are renamed, the source file name can always be reconstructed, all other info should be in metadata of exported files - unless one chooses to export without MD.

Anyway, renaming a file should be part of any ingest feature…including a possibility to safeguard the original file name.

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More competent DAM-solutions have no problem-solving issues like that with “variables”. Even PhotoMechanic has a lot of variables you can use and one of them is one for “filename”. Variables can be used throughout the application, in thumbnails, with the ingest function and they can be used in the templates used for batch updates or for a single image as well.

What distinguish a general simple tool like Photolab´s PictureLibrary is that it often isn´t all that flexible compared to more specialized and effective tools.

To secure the original filename is a very common operation and in more professional solutions it´s also common to use a “Unique ID” instead of relying on the filename, since it often is common in workflows to generate derivates of a certain original file and then it´s more than common that the filenames changes.