Optical corrections for Canon RF 24-240

I think there is a new bug with this lens / EOS R in DPL4. At 24 mm, vignetting is corrected with the 1st “auto réglage DxO Standard” (sorry, I’m French, nobody’s perfect) and not corrected when using the 2nd “auto réglage : corrections optiques seules”, which is surprising as the “vignetting” box is blue in the two cases:

1st DXO Standard
autosetup DxO standard

2nd Optical corrections only
autosetup 2

I’ve found the explanation: in the second case, the image is not cropped to eliminate the black corners as in “DxO Std”.
It should be enabled to avoid that.RF 24-240 corrections optiques

I think it should not be enabled as this is the correct behavior for this “corrections optiques seules” preset.

The issue of this lens is detailed in this other post

where it is explained that this black corner is not really due to vignetting but to mechanical restriction of this lens.

Thank you, I hadn’t seen the other post so I continued with mine.
Anyway we found the same solution.
This lens is surprising and though there is mechanical vignette it is still a 24 mm when corrected and cropped: I made various testing ans comparisons with my other 24 mm lenses (11-24 ; 16-35 ; 24 LII).