OM OM -1 Highres

Highres Shot up to 80MP 14-bit RAW is being advertised for the OM-1 mark 2 . A similar imaging feature is present in the OM-1 digital mirrorless – is this supported in PL7 Elite Complete? The OM-1 is listed as supported by DxO, but details of the supported features do not seem to be listed on the DxO website. Second, on this list, are there any working photographers who use the OM-1?

Why not try one and see? If you don’t have PL7 then post it to a transfer service and post the link here. I(and others) will gladly test it for you.

I am considering an OM-1 for an assignment in a few years (or the OM-1`successor). I do not have one nor am I going to invest in a kit at this time (none of my local rental shops have OM current). Hence, I am attempting to get response/s.

Okay I found one Online. PL 7 worked on it perfectly, it;s only 50MP and 23MB but I’ve edited 80=100MP and MB files before without any problem. This is an Highres photo though.

Yes - Hi-Res images captured by the OM-1 are treated just like any other .ORF (RAW) file … just with more pixels !