OLED screen worth extra cost?

Reluctantly I am thinking I will have to replace my old (12years old now) laptop. It was high power for its time and can process PL no problem but not export unless you want to fry an egg on it and want more than just a cup of coffee! But I am conceding its had its day.
The main laptop I am looking at has either a full svga or OLED. The latter is touch screen and full DCI-P3. It strikes me the latter is over the top and can PL even be used via a touch screen (I have never used one). So my query is is there any point in the extra cost of a OLED screen?

The key to choosing a photo editing monitor is the gamut covered by the panel, the wider the gamut the better. The technology (e.g OLED) the panel uses to produce that gamut is secondary.

In that context, if you can afford it, buy the machine that covers the wide DCI-P3 gamut, rather than the one that only covers sRGB. That the wide gamut choice is also touch-screen is not important, you can still work with a mouse.

Whether that choice is cost effective for you, only you can answer that. When I was looking for a new laptop about a year ago I did drool over several that had panels capable of displaying 100% Adobe RGB but I chose not to buy such a machine because I already have a (desktop) monitor that is 100% Adobe RGB. I went for one with 100% sRGB and the money I ‘saved’ on not buying a wide gamut panel I ‘spent’ on higher specs for the rest of the laptop (higher spec CPU, higher spec GPU, more RAM, larger SSD).

It’s all a balancing act. As I said, only you can decide what is cost effective for you.

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Depends on your situation.
A few years we began living on the road so using the laptop primarily. I needed to upgrade laptops to run PL and other software so chose one with the better processor and a P-3 compatible OLED screen. I don’t lug it around much, but it works great and fits in our camper :grinning:. I am happy with the PC and upgraded screen and would not “go back”.

Well made the jump and ordered a XPS 14 Laptop with NVIDIA GeForce RTX card with just SVGA screen.