Not Able To Download Lens Profile

Here is the situation. Using Lightroom 1. Have a Sony A77ii camera with a Sony DT 2.8/16-50 SSM lens. Have made numerous attempts trying to download the lens profile for this combination on Lightroom 1. The camera and lens combination is offered but each time an attempt is made to download the profile the following occurs:
The Remote Server Returned An Error (404) Not Found.
Am able to successfully download other lens profiles for the same A77ii camera.
Have also successfully downloaded the DT 2.8/16-50 SSM lens profile for both a Sony A100 and Sony A57.

Is there a way to successfully download the DT 2.8/16-50 SSM lens profile by other means?

This should be reported to DxO via Such problems usually get fixed quickly once reported in this manner.

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Let me add some additional information and a correction to my previous post. It is not LR 1 but LR 6.14 that is in use, and it is Photolab 1 that is in use. Additionally, the attempts at downloading the lens profile was made in Photolab. Sorry for the confusion.

I have already touched base with DXO support. The response was that they no longer provide support for this version of Photolab. The response seems nonsensical as it was possible to download the lens profile for both the Sony A100 and A57. If support is no longer provided for Photolab 1, how was it possible to download the identical lens profile for much older cameras??? Hopefully, a response will be forthcoming from others on this forum as to a workaround for downloading the lens profile. It seems more evident to me why it’s seldom that I use Photolab anymore.

I think part of the confusion here is what DxO means when they say they will no longer provide support for PhotoLab 1. DxO will not provide assistance to resolve issues when problems arise with old and unsupported versions of their software. That doesn’t mean the software or the downloading of lens profiles won’t work. It means when you have issues you’re on your own.


Quite honestly I have no idea of what mwsilvers means with his response of, “That doesn’t mean the software or the downloading of lens profiles won’t work.” As noted in my post, a lens profile for the Sony A77ii and the DT 2.8/16-50 SSM wouldn’t download despite numerous attempts. Does his response imply that the problem is on my end and not related to DXO? Possibly I didn’t make myself clear.

The DXO Optics Modules tab was opened. Download additional DXO modules was clicked on. Camera body was selected (Sony A77ii) and Next was chosen. This opened Select lens module. Sony DT16-50mm f/2.8 SSM was selected, which under the heading “Sony SLT-A77II”, indicates it is available. Next is then checked opening up a another window indicating, “Summary”. Under which it shows "The following items will be downloaded…Sony SLT-A77II+Sony DT 16-50mm f/2.8 SSM. Clicking on Next brings on the attempt at download with a splash screen showing a large white circle with an X and the following “The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found” with an OK for closing the window. As previously noted if on the otherhand the Sony A77 is selected with the same lens the profile is successfully downloaded. However, the profile is not applied to the photos. Here’s another question. Can these lens profiles be located on a computer? If so, is it possible to obtain the profile from another source, such as from someone on this forum upon which the file can be forwarded and downloaded to my computer?

Try this post and others in the same topic:

check → Appareils supportés - DxO for the model in question !

( the page in german is/was different to the one in english )

If I confused you, you can respond to me directly instead of referring to me in the third person. You seemed surprised that you were able to download any lens profiles since your version of PhotoLab is no longer supported. DxO doesn’t stop PhotoLab 1 from working, or from downloading lens profiles supported by that version. They just won’t assist you if you are having problems like getting an error message when downloading a lens profile, Unsupported means you get no assistance when an issue arises, that’s all.


Apologies to mwsilvers if offended. Yes, your response after numerous readings continues to be confusing. Reading it again does not unconfuse me. You write DXO doesn’t stop PhotoLab 1 from working, or from downloading lens profiles supported by that version. If you mean that there is nothing that prevents PhotoLab 1 from downloading the lens profile in question? If so, are you able to provide an explanation for my problem? I fully comprehend the part about being unsupported by DXO. I also understand what unsupported means. I guess my question is about how PhotoLab 1 functions in that as previously described it seems to offer the lens profile all the way up to the actual download. Even if DXO shows the A77ii camera and shows the lens in question and then appears to offer it as a download, are you indicating that it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s available?

I did follow the information about locating the CAF files, but what to do with them is another question. It’s a long list of several CAF files that do not define the specific lens of each. Nor how to apply them once located.

So now that I’ve addressed you directly do you have a solution to my dilemma?

I followed the thread by Wolfgang and browsed to the English version of the DXO website. Entered the appropriate information about camera model and lens type which showed that it is available in
PhotoLab 1. What has yet to be resolved is the response of: The remote server returned an error (404) Not Found when an attempt is made to download the lens profile.

@outerbank10 and @mwsilvers typically the “rules” established by DxO are that the lens profiles available during the lifetime of a releases typically stay active but no new camera and lens profiles that arrive after the time of the next release will be available to run on that previous release.

I would suggest that this is partly an inducement for users to keep up to date and partly “to draw a line in the sand” for existing compatibility i.e. DxO seeks to maintain forward compatibility but understandably makes no promises about backward compatibility and “typically” does nothing to impede continued use of an old product.

In truth that is the reason for using a “purchased” product versus a “subscribed to” product, albeit many of us update yearly which amounts to the same thing except that we have the option to stop or delay upgrading at a time of our choosing not the developers.

However, the 404 errors suggests that something is wrong with the links being maintained in the library and, as such could/should be correctable…

This is not a “Not available” message but rather an “I followed a link that I have but there was nothing at the end of the link” error @DxO_Support-Team.

If this is your cam lens combination, the list shows support by PL3.0 and later.

with different cam

supported by PL1

@Wolfgang thank you for the update @outerbank10 please put an image taken with the camera and lens combination causing the issue in a post or on a suitable third party system and send the link.

I have a licence for PL1 (don’t know if I exhausted my activations) so I can load that up (it might just load as a “trial” anyway) and try the image (with the lens/camera combination causing the problems) on PL1, PL2, PL3 etc. and see what I get. My main machine has DxO 11, PL2, PL3, PL5 and PL6 loaded, what happened to PL4 on that machine but it is certainly on my Test machine?

If that combination did not exist until PL3 then it should not have been on offer and should never result in a 404 error, i.e. that would be a very “untidy” way of handling the situation.

I still have photolab 1 running on my machine and have no problems downloading the lens module for the Sony A77ii and the Sony DT 16-50mm f/2.8 SSM.

If I have got it right. I have put the module up on my website which is:

This goes in the directory “Users\your name\AppData\Local\DxO\DxO Photolab 1\Modules”. with W bit of luck, I hope it works for you.


The link you provided didn’t work. I may have used it incorrectly. Is this an email address, or is it some other mail system?

Here is an image shot with Sony A77ii and Sony DT 16-50 f/2.8 lens. As noted is has not been possible to download a profile for this combination of camera and lens.

Was able to get to the website GODCP that shows Amateur, Flight Simulators Model Railways when using just Adding C30002.003.CAF sends it to a page that indicates the link doesn’t work.

This is useless as it has no EXIF. We need a RAW(ARW) file in order to perform the test. Please upload a RAW(ARW) file to a file sharing service such as Dropbox, p-Cloud, Wetransfer, etc. and post the link here. This will enable us to better help you.

The link as given by @Prem doesn’t work because it’s not been inserted as a link, it’s just plain text. This version will work, i.e. when you click on it, the .caf file will be downloaded to your machine.


Thanks for the highlighted link. However, when it’s clicked on nothing happens. Any ideas of what to do?