Not a good start, feature highlights not displaying in 5.0.1

When I opened 5.0 and it asked if I wanted to update the feature highlights open, but I was unable to move between screens. When the update was installed it will not display even though selected. I will say it 5.0.1 appears top be opening faster than 5.

Hello @John7 ,

Have you checked this menu?


Svetlana G.

Yes it’s selected and same on laptop.

I also thought we had started to identify the versions with the install file, if so its moved back to just a basic name with no form of identification. Many users found this a difficult as they kept (as I do) one or two back versions in case of having to roll back.

… or put them in folders with a descriptive name

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Indeed, but we did get them to add the version to the file in version 4 I just had a look at my ones. Why they have gone back to not doing it is beyond me!

And you have the palettes highlighted but when you mouse over you do not see the overlay? Then can you, please, make a video of the issue?

  • your user config (%LocalAppData%\DxO\DxO.PhotoLab.exe_StrongName_addo3jomrfkt2faiwwfxxb444r1xfvlh)

Thank you
Svetlana G.

I can only use a phone for a video and thats 160Mb so too bid to post. Have put it on dropbox

What do you want with the user config?

All I can see is a white cat in a snowstorm :woozy_face:

Well the very bad vidieo is showing for me?Also working on my phone. I don’t have any idea how else to do it.

Good morning John,

From your video I see you enable/disable the feature but you did not mouse over like this to see the highlights:


  • We need the config to observe how this setting is kept.

Svetlana G.

My errer, it was the information on what had changed I was missing. It came up on 5 saying what changes there were to 5.0.1 but nothing came up in the installed update.
Also the version numbers have vanished from the update priogram file, they were being used with version 4 but its been forgoten in 5.

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