No new feature between upgrade PL3 Elite vs Essential ... ? But different prices

PL3 Black Friday is $44.99 here. $25 difference, and only four days later for me. Live and learn.


I higher price for the upgrade for Elite users could only be justified, if there’s more in the pipeline. I expect DXO to add new exclusive features FOR FREE to the Elite version within built no. 3. Anything else would be unfair and a reason to buy another software.

If that cost difference is all that it would take for you to abandon PhotoLab and move on to some other software, that is your choice. For me PhotoLab is the very best software available, and I’ve tried almost all of the alternatives. It would take a lot more than the small difference in the upgrade price between Elite ans Essential to make me look elsewhere.


Sure, but charging a higher price for the same functions would be a VERY unkind and unfair behavior.
I know that DXO needs money - they have to sell a version of Nik Collection that’s not much different from the one that was available for free for years. If a company does such things, they must be in trouble. But if I feel ripped off, I’ll leave.

I hope too !

Is this true? I had non-elite for awhile a few years ago and do not really remember, but it seems to me that the prime noise reduction was available there.

Yes, that’s true. Look here:

Click on “Which edition to choose?” for a complete list of differences.