No corrections as default?

I am trying out the Trial version of DxO PhotoLab 3. I was immediately confused about the presettings. I know I can choose 4-No corrections, and then apply the corrections I want manually. But do I have to go this way every time I process a RAW-picture, or is there some way in which I can open a non-corrected view by default for every image? The pleasure with RAW editing is to find out what works by yourself. (I should perhaps add that the first thing I do after every installation of a software is to uncheck autocorrections, so it is an important issue).

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Svetlana G.

Maybe yes but it’s not a good idea.
All the PhotoLab enhancement functions are enabled by applying the “1- DxO Standard” preset. This is the minimum provided by PL. This preset is very efficient when the DC + objective combo is supported.



@Bhard, you can certainly select whatever suits you in the settings as Svetlana described. After a while, you’ll find what preset suits you best or fits the needs of the moment. Applying a factory provided preset might not give you the looks you like, so go and play around with the presets! You can also create virtual copies with different presets each (you’ll have to apply them manually though) in order to compare what you get. Enjoy your discoveries!

Note: NoCorrection still does something: It recalculates the thumbnails and previews with whatever DxO deems to be necessary to create an “uncorrected” image. DPL does not use the camera-generated preview, they are only shown for a limited time until DPL has recalculated the thumbnails.

I used NoCorrection as default for quite a while and now have set the default to this comparatively flat (analog style) preset:
A02 - Lens Noise Color (no crop) (1.8 KB)

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Of course, thank you!

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Thank you. I think I understand that there is no such thing as a pure RAW image. So far, however, DxO feels a little bit “pushy” with all its presets. In the background is perhaps the thought that RAW editing makes it possible for you to do what is usually left to the camera. Naturally, this can also be exaggerated. I don’t think I have any objections, for instance, to the lens corrections DxO provides. Will take some time to find my own presets.