Nik Collection v6

This has been fixed with v6.6 yesterday.

Bug fixes

  • Temporary solution for Magenta color cast on Apple Ventura while using DeepPrime and DeepPrime XD.
  • Temporary solution for chessboard patterns on Apple Monterey & Ventura for Xtrans with DeepPrime XDprocessing.
    o Those temporary solutions will be updated when Apple will deliver its own fix for macOS.
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements
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Thank you!

So it appears that there are still three plugins to get the new UI. At two per year that’s another 18 months, or NIK 8, before the plugins once again share the same UI.

I think I’ll pass, again, and wait to see what NIK 9 (i.e. 8 plus one year, to fix the serious bugs) looks like.

I bought NC5 on Nov 26, 2022. Barely 6 months and I now have to pay for the new version? Every software I own/purchased usually give customers a year’s worth of update. Whatever. Not happening.

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Most software companies provide free updates to the current version of their software. In general, they do not provide free upgrades to new versions of their software when they are implemented. There is a big difference between updates to a current version and upgrades to a new version. It is unfortunate that you purchased your copy halfway through it’s life cycle.

The Nik Collection 6 is a new version. It either has features you need or it doesn’t. If it has new features that are important to you, then as a current user you can purchase it at a significantly reduced upgrade price.


As said, DFine has been rewritten and I think to have seen / heard from the video, it now (also) comes with local adjustments, which would be really great, while I hope that it still has the option to exclude ‘custom colour areas’.

Of course we don’t know, if it’s just an ‘uppolished’ UI and/or an evolved algorithm.

HDR and Sharpener were (quickly) announced to come in summer – and with the statement of a free upgrade for them to complete Nik 6.

So I guess my workaround is DxO → Perpective → Affinity instead rather than my DxO → Affinity → Perspective I was hoping for

Not a great hardship I guess.

Rather puzxled as to what the actual issue is though.

you can always do perspective as first thing in affinity , just duplicate your first layer and send it to nik. then move on with your editing.

if you already have viewpoint, not sure if perspective is anything beneficial if it does the same thing, done straight in PL.

… found the explanation in this video from Robin Whalley … and we even can get back the representation of the settings OVER the pic – great !

That is what I do. Create another layer, send to NIK, do what I need and then carry on editing that layer. That is why I get confused as to why DxO says Perspective isn’t compatible. I can only assume that for some reason you can’t call Perspective from Affinity at all, unlike the other plugins.

I am on viewpoint 3 and if Perspective does it as part of the NIK package, I don’t see any point in paying extra for Viewpoint that I don’t use very often. I use ColourEfex with most images, Silver Efex from time to time etc. Perspective is just a ‘free’ bonus that would negate Viewpoint for me personally

same here, Color Efex and silver Efex are the one I use most. haven’t tried nik6 yet, and I know my old v2 don’t work on my new laptop.
perspective isn’t compatible as it’s not working as photoshop object does, I’m guessing that is the reason why.

if I’m correct… nik6 perspective is as viewpoint 4.

I mainly correct verticals, but as I don’t do many buildings (mostly Scapes and Portraits) Viewpoint doesn’t get much use. Seems logical to me to ditch paying any more for Viewpoint if Perspective does the job. The local effects might be more useful in fact, and the fact that I mainly use ColourEfex and SilverEfex mainly, means Perspective is a ‘free addition’

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the good thing is you can launch nik from PL, so no need to duplicate first layer in AP.
would be nice to see nik non destructive from PL, maybe it’s time for dxo to introduce layers or just as a new tab like they did with viewpoint and film pack.

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Wait till you mess up as I did when first starting lol. I always create a new layer and apply the NIK efex to that, especially if I have spent time and effort getting to that point.

I should had specified for perspective only =]
Ps smart object in AP would be nice, but till then…

Same. I fear we have a long wait

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After installing version 6 (Windows) over version 5 - the install notified me that version 5 would be uninstalled - when I check the internal version numbers in HDR Efex and Sharpener Pro, they both report as still being version 5. All other plugins report as version 6.

Yes it’s indicated in the notes releases, here
These 2 plugins will be updated this summer.

because they haven’t been updated yet, part of v6.. coming this summer.

It is like it is, but as you write, there are upgrade discounts (I can’t see any in my shop account) - and we could argue about Nik upgrades being worth a major version or not.

Anyways, the way that DxO has taken with the Nik Collection definitely prevents installing different versions in parallel…but as long as we keep copies of the installers or can download them from our $hop accounts, we can use whatever version fits our needs.

The release note says for Mac “recommended” OS: 12 or higher. Has anyone tried working on Catalina with Nik 6? The word recommended implies that it might work.

Thank you