Nik Collection Upgrade to version 2 to expensive

and I had no problem with bugs… since they bought it , the cost went to 69.99 to 99.99 ( they hsay it was 149.99 but that sales pitch… cause I have kept up with the price .They just changed it to 99.99 this morning and when I went to purchase it for the 69.99 the price jumped to 99.00 with in a few minutes. I guess I must have hit their timeline just at wrong moment while I was grabbing for my debit card… they wont honor it.
I had a photography class of 50 of a 50plus ages that wont be going for this now.
So if u plan on purchasing it, you better do it really fast before the price goes up again lol

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much more expenisive? how could freee be more expensive ? hahahaha… I don’t mind paying the cost u had posted of 69.99. but by the time I went to get card to purchase it and get back on here, it done jumped again. lol…

and the coupon u had posted for today, u say doesn’t work now… hmmm

I gladly paid $50 USD for the 1.1 upgrade even though it was primarily for bug fixes that should have been resolved by Google. Always willing to support new initiatives or future improvements. However, asking for another $60 USD to jump to version 2 seems excessive after already paying for 1.1 and its meager bug-fix changes. At the time I “upgraded” to v 1.1 I was under the impression the next significant update to the collection would either be free for those who upgraded to 1.1. So in essence if I upgrade to v2 I would have paid $110 for what is now being offered to new customers at $99. Whoever made this upgrade marketing decision has no understanding of building/strengthening customer satisfaction. Color me one dissatisfied customer.:rage:


This. Really, the feeling of being taken for a ride. We contributed $50/each for the promise of improvements. No improvements. When the improvements come, another bill. Very bad form here DxO. It’s reducing trust, not building it.


I agree!

This new so-called “new update” or “new version” 2.0 is a farce and a slap in the face!
Despite the fact that Lab 2.0 Essential is a really nice gift (thank you very much for that), $50 / 50€ is way too expensive just for 42 new “En Vogue” presets (10 presets for each plugin) that we can create by ourselves to be honest with you, seriously! The interface is exactly the same, still slow, the performance with the Viveva 2 plugin is “better” but still need to be improved. This is not developing. It’s like, re-using the exact same software that we know for years… and just add some presets.

Also, and I’m not kidding, I have Intel Core i7 4790K @ 4.00GHz / Memory: 16,0 Go Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 2333MHz and it takes literally 15 seconds to load a “Dirt & Scratches” texture for the preset that we really don’t care, every single time when we open and use the “Analog Efex Pro 2” plugin! We cannot do anything but just wait 15 seconds for nothing! And we can’t even disable this really annoying preset, it’s unbelievable – It takes ages to load those textures with this plugin anyway.

Are you serious, DxO?! I’m really disappointed, angry, and I find this “update” really dishonest…



I must admit that I’m really disappointed with this new “major” release and by latest DXO marketing stuff.

The new bundle at 100$/€ forces you to acquire a licence of Photolab Essential. It could be a good idea to add bargain with addition of software licences, but only if its optional. Here, you take customers and force them to buy another licence to justify the price increase. From my understanding, this politic is :

  • an attempt to sell Photolab with a known plugin suite for years. People which depend on Nik Collection but use other softwares must now buy a Photolab licence to have new releases. Do you expect to convert new customers with such bundles ? In the end, will Nik Collection disappear from your softwares to be entirely included in Photolab licence ?
  • an attempt to hide the lack of real new updates to Nik collection. Not to say no work has been done here, but mostly it is to retrieve features that should be there from start. HDPI is not a “feature” from my perspective, it is like accessibility, you cannot offer not to support it, and making a major release for that (meaning asking your customers to pay again) seems strange. So remains the presets : they act for me as the “key” feature of new release, which is a really small addition, especially now that tools like Infinite Color/Black and White exist on the market for Photoshop.
  • And about the Raw thing from the marketing page, we are not far from lies. You are using the fact that Photolab is included in the bundle to sell the collection as if it was able to work on Raw files, which is not at all the case. Users must still use conversions to go from Photolab to a Nik plugin. So this bullet in Nik Collection is for Photolab, already there since v1, is not new and in fact has nothing to do in the Nik Collection new features.

To summarize my thoughts : I’m an old (and paid) user of Nik Collection. Was really hopefull that a company was giving credits to the solution and integrate it into good software. I was looking how DXO Photolab + Nik Collection would evolve to switch from my current Lightroom + old Nik Collection, because and why interresting into Photolab.
But until now, it appears that you are focusing on making money (which is fine for a company as long as there is value for user) instead of adding real value to the software. How is it possible to marketize and release a software suite without a real workflow (integrated Raw development from your own tools for instance Photolab and plugins) ? How is it possible to have so many different interfaces after two versions ?

I won’t do the switch, especially because there is no (or at least I don’t know any of) roadmap for your product. If I buy today Nik Collection to support you, will I be able to use your software as one next year (v3), a year later (v4), never ? What will be major additions ? Will you force Filmpack next time as it as some common uses as Nik Collection and increase again prices ?

From a customer perspectives, I don’t find your way of selling your softwares fair. There is no clear vision of where you would like to go with Nik, nor with its integration with Photolab, what you want to deliver, prices and so on.

This is a huge work that lay ahead of you to bring a real solution from so disparate tools, but in the meantime your are not being supportive to the people who pay for your software, or at least it is my thought.
So there is the argument “you are not forced to pay if it doesn’t interrest you”, and that’s right, I will probably wait more to understand what you want to do with Nik Software, if you want to do anything with it. Maybe buying the society was just to get hands on U-Points in fact, like Google with Snapseed ?


Fully agree! Nik features have to be integrated within PL, end of the story.
No way for me to buy a so called “new release”.


I am a longtime DXO user and I am not so sure if Nik should be completely integrated into DPL. DPL as a raw converter is already quite busy with commands and palettes. If Nik is completely integrated the risk is that it gets too complex.

I normally know what I want to achieve with a picture and choose the appropriate NIK tool - so for me there is no need to convolute DPL with even more palettes.

But that is just my personal view.



I don’t think it’ll ever be completely integrated. First, it is way too complex an effort, and thus far it’s been difficult to get the DXO to even give us relatively small updates to existing features. Secondly, even if it didn’t slow down Photolab to a stop, it would still require logically integrating seven different applications into Photolab. What a mess that would be. What I would love to see someday is that instead of passing a tiff or jpeg to the Nik collection applications, they were able to figure out how to pass a raw file with it’s sidecar and receive the sidecar back after saving with the addition of the Nik collection edits. It’s probably an unreasonable expectation on my part.



It looks like we’re not the only ones who noticed. Nasim Mansurov paid for the upgrade but is publicly bitter about it: DxO Nik Collection 2 Announcement is Underwhelming. You can’t buy bad press like that DxO. This was really a poor move. DxO PhotoLab license holders (Elite or not) with valid Nik licenses should not have been asked for more than $20 or $30 for this upgrade (and probably should have had it free). Those with just a Nik license could have been charged $40 to $50 (as they did get something they didn’t have: PhotoLab even if just basic).

That would have gotten DxO some good press instead of ridicule and shame in DPReview comments and in their paying license holders’ weblogs.


Absolutely correct, I totally agree with that.
Why there is no special upgrade offer made for customers who already own DxO PL?

What should I do with an additional DxO PL license? I do not need that!
I am more than disappointed with the offer. :-1:


and now your site says 86.99 after clicking on it, so what is your cost? whatever u decide on , in the monment? lol

There is a decent offer hidden in here for existing users. The Nik upgrade is €50 for VAT exempt entities (outside EU/businesses) including PhotoLab basic. There’s an upgrade to PhotoLab Elite immediately available afterwards at €41 (for VAT exempt entities). That’s €91 for the Nik 2 upgrade and an extra copy of PhotoLab Elite.

Giving someone a copy of PhotoLab Elite is a very specific gift and would not be appreciated by most recipients. I plan to lend it to an assistant to process some of my photos (and hers if she feels like it).

I would much rather have just faced a €30 upgrade to Nik and been done with it and am not happy about this. But when given lemons, the best thing to do is make tasty lemonade.

Hopefully DxO will give us something to be excited about this year (faster performance in both Nik and PhotoLab, better colour tools in PhotoLab – for some reason I was unable to vote on that survey, the link didn’t work; not an underfeatured DAM which just gets in the way of using PhotoLab as a dedicated RAW processor).


I also agree that the price is much to high.
Ive got the whole DXO Software incl. Photolab 2 Elite, Film Pack 5, Viewpoint 3 and the NIK Collection V1 and now V2. Im a longtime user of DXO Software (Since Optics Pro 5) and Nik-Software (pre google) and i had no problem to pay for the DXO NIK Collection V1, because i like the Software and i also wanted to support DXO, because of their financial situation at that time.
But with that limited Features in the V2 and then also only activalable on 3 Computer (Photolab Elite is up to 5 Computer) this make no sence.
So yes, i use DXO-Software on 4 Computer (Desktop PC, Mac, Laptop Workstation + Ultrabook).


I have bought NIK Collection 1 two months ago for 59€ and now I have to pay again 59€ for the Version 2!
I’m angry. This is not the way to be friendly with customers. Is there no grace period?

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I’d reach out to customer service. Not because I think you are entitled to v2 for free, but there might be some sort of grace period. Can’t hurt to ask.

I agree there should be some of of grace period, at least 3 months if not more. But, if there was going to be upgrade charge after such a short period,of ownership it should be a more reasonable amount, like 29€.


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I agree with most comments here about this latest upgrade to NIK. It’s not an upgrade when all has been done is to fix an issue with High Res Screens and throw in some recipes that I really don’t need as someone who paid for the original NIK software years ago and have been using it for years. As for PL inclusion, useless as I already had a PL license so I really don’t need a second one and would never launch NIK from PL anyway, as do those edits in LR. I think DXO have got it badly wrong on this occasion by asking users to pay last time for no real improvement, then nothing for a year and then pay again for a fix that should have been released a year ago or certainly as part of the version 1 license.

DXO asked us to feedback a list of features we wanted, the list grew and grew and a year on nothing new added. DXO need to smarten up their act and engage with the user forum to convey their road map for features and releases for the future or they will turn away an already rattled community for good.


You’ve said you did not pay for DxO Nik v2, Chris. Did you pay for DxO Nik v1? It doesn’t look like you use, understand or have paid for PhotoLab either.

Because if you haven’t paid for either version of DxO Nik, you’re not a customer, you’re just a complainer. The people who have the right to complain are:

  1. owners of an existing PhotoLab 2 license (Elite or Essential) who have to acquire a second license (I’m in this group)
  2. owners of DxO Nik v1 who recently (December in my case) paid DxO for Nik plugins many of us already own and who have to pay again (I’m in this group)

New users who are getting updated Nik together with PhotoLab essentials for $100 this month (with an option to upgrade to PhotoLab Elite for another $50 are getting the deal of a lifetime. I think you are in this lucky group, so I’m really not sure what’s bothering you.

I’m in both of the two groups who have the right to complain. As the DxO software and workflow is important enough to me (like @mwsilvers), I’ve upgraded my Nik v1 to v2 and then upgraded my extra copy of PhotoLab 2 to Elite (as Elite is that much better).