Nik Collection + Photoshop OR Nik Collection + DxoPhotolab

I am trying to decide which combination is best. The key issue is the workflow with Nik Collection. With Photoshop what i do is send the image from LR to PS. I get a PSD. I have a layer for each Nik Collection idea. E.g one for Viveza and another for ColorEfex. This way i have one inage and i can delete or add layers/filters. (I know you can use Smart Objects and re-edit the filters but I don’t really need this). But it is important that i can keep adding/deleting filters to one image.

Can i do this with PhotoLab and Nik Collection? The documentation seems to suggest that the PhotoLab - Nik Collection workflow is an external export. If i create a tiff with e.g a Viveza can i now add a ColorEfex filter to the same tiff, and then, subsequently delete the Viveza filter but keep the ColorEfex filter?

I hope this is clear.

Quite clear :wink:
Nik was designed to be integrated with PhotoShop.
I think it’s still the best combination.



… no.

PL has no ‘permanent’ layers like PS or AP. In PL you have a non-destructive workflow as long you stick with the raw-file, while when combined with Nik you need to export as tif (skip jpg) and then you cannot revert / decide otherwise in between – except with an alternate version.

Well, with the latest Nik Collection there are some changes (actually more like workarounds) to how you save/retain your settings in Nik, but not like you’re used to work in a layer-based editor.


Thanks Wolfgang
Yes. This looks like it. I bought the plugins and will use with Photoshop. (One of my issues is that this creates HUGE files esp. if you use Smart Objects and Save with Compatibility - so I have an elaborate workaround to save the PSDs to a disk and jpegs back into my workflow. The underlying issue is I will quickly fill my Adobe Cloud 1 TB at this rate).

It does look like if I want to escape from the Cloud annual fee the actual option is something like: DXO + Affinity Photo + Nik Collection. But, for now I am sticking with PS.

Thanks again

For further clarification:

I agree that the Nik Collection is nicest if you don’t have PhotoLab. My own decision, after sufficient testing, is to stick with PhotoLab + ViewPoint + FilmPack + some other apps (Photomatix and Topaz) and only rarely use the Nik Collection for anything (preferably not use it at all). I’ve had too many problems using even the current Nik Collection 6.5 with PhotoLab. For analog film and B&W, I like the Nik apps a little bit better than FilmPack, but find that PL + FP have advanced enough that I don’t need Nik.

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Thanks. That was my other option under consideration (which you’ve now reopened!) - maybe DxO is enough. I guess I’ll have to use the trial and see…