Nik Collection and EXIF datas

Why does EXIF ​​data disappear from recorded file when processing an image with HDR Efex in Nik Collection (I didn’t test with other plugins) ?
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Don’t know, but I have noticed much of the ITPC data wiped out when using Color Effex directly from LR. This does not happen when opening the file from LR into PS, then using CEFX and saving it from PS.

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It’s an old problem that DxO is aware of but has not yet fixed. Color Efex, HDR Efex… don’t just discard some data (like lens info) - they also write bad data, changing an Author entry like Adam into "Adam ". (with quotes and many trailing spaces)

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Thank you for these answers.
I hope the problem will soon be solved.
I’ll try to find a program to copy ITPC for OS-X datas to restore…

DxO can you please finally fix this. It is infinitely tedious to paste the data again. I lose lens data almost daily in photos that have been processed in Silver Efex or HDR Efex. It is an annoying bug.

Agree, this needs to be fixed asap

Yes, please! I have to assume there’s a good reason we’re still waiting. But it’s an awfully disruptive set of problems.

One workaround is to export to Affinity and use Nik as a plugin.

You shouldn’t need a workaround, of course. But since you do, this is a pretty straightforward one.

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