Nik Collection 7 negative control points?

A bit confused with V7 - can’t find the - (minus) control point tool anymore - I found this to be a very easy way to limit the effect of the current filter (stopping Pro Contrast from blowing out highlights for e.g.)

How is this to be achieved in 7 ?


The doc says :

You can add a neutral local adjustment to protect an element from the effect of another local adjustment.

It’s just another name.

See Shared interface and tools – Nik Collection Guidelines

Are you sure? The Robin Whalley Nik7 video I watched implied negative control points had been removed.

Another functionality provided by the local adjustment tools is the so-called “neutral” control point, control line, control polygon or luminosity mask. It acts as a protection.

Indeed, if you apply a local adjustment to selectively correct an image element and that, despite your efforts, the correction affects another element or other image portion that you do not wish to alter, putting a neutral local adjustment tool on this element will prevent the corrections of the other tool being applied.

In other words, they’ve just renamed the tool :smiley:

Here also described in the video.

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Gday folks, thanks for all the advice and links … turns out it’s a nomenclature thing more than anything else “Neutral” points are literally points that a removed (“Negative” points) from the current mask, now that I’ve done the option + click with them a few hundred times I appear to have my ‘head’ around it all.

Cheers for your help :slight_smile: