Nik Collection 5... well not very happy

I fully agree with you, Alec. Never got v4 Silver Effex to work in Photoshop. I will not upgrade to v5 and PhotoLab 6 either.


And I will do what I always do…I will test the new version and then decide if the improvements help me in my work, and if so, if the upgrade price is worth it.
And I will do the same with DXOPL6 in autumn.
That way I make a decision based on the functions, the price-performance ratio and don’t have to complain later about having spent money on something that doesn’t actually do anything for me.

But of course I hope that in autumn a version will be shown that finally takes into account all the FR’s of the last few years, at least to a large extent, in order to remain a satisfied DXO customer.

Enjoy the summer friends :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Glad to hear that’s the way you do it. However, the bigger issue, aside from the fact that v4 was never really worthy of being called a new version, is the fact that those who own v3 get the same discount as those who already invested $70 in v4 and are now being asked to pay $80 to upgrade to v5. Using the trial versions could do nothing to foresee that sort of disregard for v4 owners who paid for that upgrade and are now being expected to pay what v3 owners are paying to upgrade to v5.

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yes, that is annoying but you have that with other companies too…you buy a product and a few weeks later there is a new version which is unfortunately fully chargeable. On the other hand, with DXO I only have the option of buying every two versions at the normal upgrade price.
It is difficult and certainly partly unfair, but…
For example, I have version 4 of NIK but will not upgrade to version 5, simply because I can’t find many new features.

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DxO Nik apps as of mid May 2022

  • Intel: AEP, CEP, nondestructive-util, Perspective, SEP, Viveza
  • Universal: Dfine, HDR, both Sharpeners

OK, to be fair:

  1. ON1 also have some strange price policy on their updates e.g. with the latest version you have to pay extra to get the plugin versions, which where included in on1 Photo Raw before

  2. Skylum charge for their “Updates” the price for a full version while changing the name of the software instead of fixing the bugs.
    of course, you will get new funktions but in the past they just don`t care about fixing bugs. also with every “new Version” you get less licences. in the past you had 5 licences, now you get 2 and have to pay extra for every further license.

But i am also not very satisfied with the price policy for the NIK Collection as you can see here


To quote another user: No one who purchased v4 should have to pay any more than those who can now upgrade from v3 to v5 for $79. v4 was NEVER completely upgraded IMO if only 3 plugins out of the entire collection saw version-worthy upgrades."


Completely agree. I felt robbed at the time with only a partial upgrade when I bought v4 and I won’t repeat that mistake with v5.


I’d like to add my vote to that too. I paid good money for the V4 upgrade and expect rather better treatment. Are we always expected to just upgrade every second release?


Well DXO I have to say you have made one of the best Plug-ins, Nik Collection completely useless in a Smart Object/Smart Filter workflow. In the past, prior to DXO taking over the Nik Collection the ability to use the Smart Object/Smart Filter workflow was always backward compatible. I have taught workshops for years and have long included the Nik Collection in my workshops and webinars. It appears I can no longer share your plug-ins as an acceptable tool in my presentations. I’m not sure if anyone from DXO even reads these forum posts, so I may be just pissing into the wind. Take care.


DxO’s policy on upgrades for the Nik Collection is problematic on two fronts. Certainly, it is reasonable and customary to provide free upgrades to customers who purchased the previous version within a certain timeframe. Six weeks is reasonable, though I’ve seen even longer timeframes. DxO’s current policy prioritizes short term profits over long term customer loyalty. It seems short sighted.

An even bigger issue for me is that DxO takes changes like bug fixes and compatibility updates—things that are traditionally updates—and labels them as upgrades that customers are expected to pay for. While the price of an upgrade for the Nik Collection has increased significantly, the value added for each iteration has barely changed. I couldn’t care less about a bunch of new presets. That’s not an upgrade. Duplicating features in Nik that are already available in other DxO software is not an upgrade.

I don’t know why DxO takes a different approach to the Nik Collection than they do with their other software. I don’t feel this way about PhotoLab upgrades, FilmPack upgrades, or ViewPoint upgrades. But when it comes to the Nik Collection, DxO’s goal seems to be to extract as much money from their customer base as possible, regardless of whether it is fair or whether there is real value added in each new version. And to hell with customer satisfaction.


Wow, you are obsessed with what other people are getting or not getting. The big issue here is that DxO has put out two updates to Nik plugins neither of which should be worth an upgrade fee.

Even more disturbing is that at this pace, my copy of Nik 3 (one of which required buying a second and unnecessary license of PhotoLab, another dirty trick) will be EOL and not upgradeable.

Looks like it’s time to close the book on Nik. I’ll run SFX 3 when I need black and white as long as I can run it but otherwise I’m out.

This kind of shenanigans with Nik upgrades are what lose companies goodwill. I couldn’t imagine writing I am out for a DxO product two years ago.

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If I seemed obsessed about someone with v4 is having to pay the same amount as someone with v3, it’s because I value my money and don’t enjoy feeling I’ve been taken advantage of (especially given the fact I’ve been a loyal customer for years).

However, this incident has shown me that DxO clearly seems to value our money more than they value maintaining customer loyalty. I’m undecided about how loyal I’m going to be going forward. But I definitely will not be handing money over to DxO as quickly going forward. DxO has lost my trust in that regard.

They took advantage of my trust once. I will be much more cautious the next time… if there is a next time. Sorry, DxO. My money is as important to me as it is to you.


I’ve been a loyal customer and went along with the updates to support both the development of the products and the company . . . but I’m done with PhotoLab, FilmPack, ViewPoint, and especially Nik Collection upgrades.

The only one I’ll consider is PureRaw because that still impresses me (not always, but often), but only if they add functionality (the last upgrade added nothing of use to me). Adding support for more cameras and fixing bugs is NOT an upgrade.

To be sure, I have nothing against the software, but — as others have mentioned — I don’t like being taken advantage of.

DxO products are OK, but they’re not what I would call essential. I could do just fine with Lightroom, Luminar AI, and the Topaz offerings (Topaz, by the way, has a subscription model that works well, and even their stand-alone purchases get a full year of (real and useful) updates).

I’m fine with PL 5 (which I don’t often use), and Nik Collection 4 (which I now seldom use) because I have other products that more than take up any slack.

Frankly, interface improvements are more of an annoyance than a benefit, at least for me.

Much like ON1 before them, DxO is on its way to being blacklisted as far as any updates. BTW, I still use ON1 Suite 10 and ON1 2018 . . . I stopped upgrading the suite precisely because they kept fiddling with the interface and their improvements resulted is a loss of functionality for my workflow.

To forestall any criticism or excuses, I have nothing against the company. What I own of theirs I’ll still use and will likely do so for years . . . but they’re going to have to really step up to get any more money from me.

If you are an enthusiastic user, vade con spaghetti monstrum volantes, but I’m outta here.


Totally agree. I bought Niksoft Collection on 15th May 2020 and 3 weeks later the next iteration was announced - £49.99 for an upgrade! I complained very politely on the basis that they must have known that a new version was imminent but took my money anyway. DXO absolutely not interested, basically ‘tough luck’, not our problem. This is not the way to treat people.


What makes you think the nationality of a company makes any difference?

I was born in England but now live in France, so I can speak from both sides.


Many companies have a grace period in which you can upgrade to a new version for free or with a substantial discount. DxO hasn’t, which is a pity imo.

On the other hand, there is no compulsion to upgrade, except one’s own.

Amazing. You have six posts in 3 years and this is what you decided to say? I never thought I would read anything like that here. Perhaps with that kind of attitude you should be using software developed in a country with a culture more to your liking. The advantage for the rest of us if you moved on is that we wouldn’t have to be subjected to any more of your posts. I am not French, but I found this extremely insulting. I hope DxO bans you from this site as a disruptive influence.



I agree with this 100%. I find the comment by @Ronald53 to be very hateful and offensive.

Flagged for moderator attention.


Hallo Ronald,
I’ve worked with French people of Alcatel in 2 projects and we had a great, productive and also exciting time. In many projects I worked with colleagues from Canada, Poland, Sri Lanka and other nations. And there were always great people, but of course also idiots, and I don’t think you can put that down to nationality.
And I am also firmly convinced that an open, friendly attitude also creates a better atmosphere.
I find your post borderline and maybe you should think about it again.

I hope the forum agrees with me that we don’t want posts like this here.

Have a peaceful time