Nik Collection 5 or DXO PL 6?

I have DXO PL 5 Elite and Nik Collection 3. If you had this set software, and had to decide between upgrading to PL6 Elite or Nik Collection 5, which would you choose and why? I am currently trialing PL6 Elite, but not sure the changes warrant the upgrade at this point. I was going to trial Nik Collection 5, but DXO says that if I download the trial version my Nik Collection 3 will be deleted. I did not retain the download file though my license is on the website so maybe that would allow me to go back to version 3, once I try version 5…

Well here you can compare nik 3 to nik 5

There is a same page for comparing PL. Versions.
However just generally speaking, updgrading from nik 3 to 5 is your last chance for an upgrade license. On nik6 you will have to buy a new license.
On which with your PL5 you could still upgrade to PL7.
Just another poit to think about.
As for me, I didn’t upgrade from PL 4 to 5. I will upgrade to PL6
On nik - still using the free nik2. Unless dxo will not incorporate nik as a PL module like Filmpack (i.e. raw editing) I can’t find any justification to pay for nik. Nik 2 is enough for me.

Please check the compatibility charts as things have changed !

Just my opinion, FWIW;

  • Nik Color Efex Pro does a great job of adding some extra “pop & pizzaz” to images
  • Nik Silver Efex Pro is great for refining Mono/B&W images
  • I don’t use any of the other Nik tools … PL now replicates many of them instead (not HDR)

I’d recommend getting DxO Film Pack - - as it adds some very worthwhile features to PL (integrated therein) … such as Color Renderings - and most significantly; advanced sliders for PL’s Contrast tool.

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HTH - John M

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