NIK Collection 4 as Photolab Plug in - Settings - ICC Profil „as shot“ = Adobe RGB?)

Yesterday I tried the new Nik Collection 4 Plugin. The manual of the Nik collection 4 recommends as ICC Profile for the transfer from PL to NIK - > Original ICC. (Adobe should be used only for a print run…according manual)

But the original ICC form Photolab - after saving the file in Viveza 3 is an „Adobe RGB File“. Which sense makes the setting „ICC Profile Original“ for Photolab Users?

Some light is shed on how PhotoLab sets a working color space in this post by @wolf :

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Thank you for the information @platypus ! So only when you load in DXO Photolab an existing TIFF File with ICC Profil (e.g. Prophoto RGB) Photolab uses this color space (Input ColorSpace) and transferes to Nik Collection „as shot“ as Prophoto RGB. (but for TIFF Files Photolab is not my 1st choice…)

When we use Photolab - as intended - as RAW Converter, it seems Photolab uses Adobe RGB as ICC Profil for the transfere to Nik Collection. (Yes, you can select another ICC Profil, but I think it will contain only Colors of Adobe RGB…and not more)

In the new Nik Collection 4 Manual I also read… “recommended setting for Lightroom user to export to NIK Collection → Adobe RGB“. (with an Infobox next to the selected Adobe RGB color space…not all colors of Lightroom are in Adobe RGB included)

It seems the DXO (Raw Conversion!) and the NIK Plugin (Rendering Workflow) is fixed to Adobe RGB 16bit. (yes, sRGB is also possible)

I’ve not tried ProphotoRGB, I can therefore not comment. Please try it and let us know what you got.

Yes, when you load a Prophoto TIFF in Photolab you transfer „as shoot“ a Prophoto TIFF to NIK. I tried it. The Input Colorspace is always your workspace in Photolab for TIFF Files.

When you use Photolab as RAW Converter, you get an Adobe TIFF „as shoot“ for the transfer to NIK. AdobeRGB is the workspace of the DXO RAW Converter.

@wolf explained it here: