Nik 3 is on the Road

I can now open the Tiff file created by using DxO -> NIK tiff files using Affinity after a clean install. (I can also open in Luminar 4 too though I could before anyway))

Can only guess that perhaps the upgrade from NIK 2.5 ->3 or DxO 3.1.1 to 3.2.0 corrupted something? Will probably remain one of softwares eternal mysteries!

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Agree. The email doesn’t do much of a job selling it, especially if you’re trying to move away from PS/LR. Can only assume all the existing plugins are completely unchanged.

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The preservation of edits is a huge improvement for me, no matter how big that makes the TIFF files. I’m more likely to use Nik in my workflow because of this.

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Sadly, this doesn’t work as soon as you take the tiff into Affinity, the edits are gone.

As far as Affinity goes, there is no change in terms of how the plugins function.

Do you mean if you edit the TIFF further in Affinity and save the edits to a new TIFF or to the existing TIFF? I would expect that to possibly remove any edit history Nik saved there.

Basically, yes.

Just tried a CR2 in PL3. Quick edit and then passed through to ColorEfex4. Added some effects and control points and then saved. (Making sure tickbox was checked)

Opened in Affinity. Applied a mask - I did not touch the layer itself… Saved as Tiff.

Opened up the file in ColorEfex and although the previous changes still showed in the image, none of the actual effects options or control points were visible.

I am guessing that Affinity cannot read the extra data in the tiff file sent from Colorefex, so ignores it and when you save any changes in Affinity that data is stripped from the tiff file so when reopened in ColorEfex the data is not present.

In short, all the new features don’t work with Affinity. It can be used the same way as version DxO Nik 2.5 and nothing else. Plus side it is quicker and more responsive…

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macOS Catalina version 10.15.5. Not a user of Photoshop or Lightroom. Testing Nik 3 with Affinity Photo Beta and PhotoLine 22.02 and management of files using Photo Mechanic 6+ public beta.

Perspective Effects is ViewPoint 3 in a new wrapper. It appears to be the same as ViewPoint when opened.

The Save and Edit Later option for TIFs appears to be available only when a standalone is used. Running Color Efex from PhotoLab, I created one of the Save-and-Edit-Later TIFs using a complex recipe. Reopening the TIF in Color Efex Pro as a plugin in either Affinity Photo or PhotoLine resulted in a layer without the recipe. However, launching the same TIF file in the Color Efex Standalone via my DAM provided access to the recipe adjustments for revision.

All of the Nik 3 plugins will run in AP and PL, but Perspective Effects will not work properly. It would work if DxO would change the Save option to Save As and make the default save location the same as the original file when using outside the Adobe Lightroom/Photoshop environment.

I did not experience the previously reported problem with AP choking when trying to set up the Nik plugins.


Here’s what DxO has to say about this:

Of course Viewpoint can still be a worthwhile acquisition for those who own neither PhotoLab or the Nik Collection if it is priced right.


so the pop up saying there’s an update of Nik suite, would you like to update, does it just download the trial and override the 2.5?

Just downloading version 3 won’t overwrite version 2.5. Installing it will overwrite it, and I believe without warning although I did not watch the install procedure that carefully. I’m not sure that a trial version is being provided, but if you decide not to buy version 3 you will have to reinstall version 2.5, at least on a Windows machine.


Thanks, that’s what I thought as well, I’m not really interested in re-installing things theses days :sleeping:

Interesting that they included perspective to Nik. Make me wondering if “Prime” will be included some day into Nik Sharpener. I still don’t understand why not saving Nik process into sidecar so it can be retouch later, I know it save into the .tiff now but if you add more like in AP, that’s gone. Would like to see DxO work more with Sherif to make PL & AP as Ps is with Lr, just a thought. :face_with_monocle:

Since I bought NC 1 I passed all upgrades, mainly because I prefer to edit only RAW files in PL3. In my experience, even HDR, could also be done in PL3. What made me now change my mind was reading about the non-destructive workflow. It took me some attempts, but than I got it and it really works. That was the main reason for me to upgrade. And also as a kind of support for DXO, which I hope will continue in business for a while longer.