Newbie - sidecars or catalog?

I am glad your smart home system can cope with my way of communicating. It’s al about interaction😁

It’s better then dxo’s version. (not that that means it’s good/great.:yum:)
I tried xnviewnp but it didn’t play nice with dxo’s system or vice versa.
Projects are in my case alway’s short saving period.
Normal editing i just open dxopl and go to the folder of interest

I am in for any free-isch(means no real big fee) application which can play wel with dxopl and is better then bridge.
(atleast bridge does also pdf and movie/mpg/avi so as general search app it’s working for me.)

I try my best…
Most apps for asset management are better than DxO’s uninspired approach, else no one would buy into them - it can’t get much worse.
And I use Bridge at the office, as it’s very convenient in an environment where I’m forced to work with Adobe (company rules, the bigger the software company, the better, no matter how big the bill). At home I need 100% Microsoft-free, Adobe-free Mac OS usability. I simply don’t want to suffer and tinker with stuff I don not understand enough to maintain it myself.

I use Bridge’s color tags, PDF “contact-sheets” which give me a better overview on hundreds of screenshots and graphics than the crappy Windows Explorer.

Two decades ago an app like Thumbs+ were a good way to organize images on Windows. After the switch I never missed it. AcDsee was its competitor at the time.

Anyways I should restrict myself from threads about asset management. I know how easy it once was and I see how hard it became these days. Apple being no exception, their “photos” app is a slap in the face of photographers.

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