Newbie Question on Unsupported Cameras and File Types

Hey all:

New to the forum and to DXO but not to digital imaging.

I have a newbie question, which I am hoping someone can clarify.

So, it is clear that DXO PureRaw does not support certain files. I am trying to get my department to buy a copy of the software but the lack of support of certain files is keeping people away from it. Ideally, our dept would like all of our archive to be usable as well.

Our old cameras were the following:

• Leica Digilux2
• Hasselblad 503 with a Hasselblad Ixpress v96c digital back

The Digilux2 puts our a RAW file, but not sure what that means in context of DXO PureRaw. I can use this RAW file in Adobe software.

The IXpress captures a Hassey .fff file but the software allows you to export a DNG, which is usable in Adobe software.

Can anyone enlighten me as to why DXO does not support these files? Are these technically not appropriate RAW or DNG files? What is any workaround exists?

Or is DXO planning to support these files in the future?

The answer may be in the actual structure of these older files. But I am hoping someone can give me some useful info.



Greetings! To put it simply (hopefully in a helpful way), RAW isn’t an image format. RAW files are data from the camera that software must be taught to process so that an image can be rendered as intended. Like other RAW developers, DxO PureRAW and PhotoLab don’t support all RAW files, but only those that DxO has programmed the software to understand. A complete database is here:

You can search for your camera to see if it’s supported. If it isn’t listed, you can use the link at the bottom of the page to request that DxO add support for it.

DNG is a container format. DxO supports DNG files in this way:

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