New to PhotoLab 3 - need some help

Even though I have had the various DXO versions for several years, I have used PhotoLab sparingly. I am now in the process of trying to move from Lightroom to another program such as ON1 Raw and PhotoLab 3. In familiarizing myself with PhotoLab 3, I really enjoy the impact of the DXO Modules, the easy access to Nik and Viewpoint, as well as the editing features. But I am puzzled by 2 things:

  • how do you invert a crop from landscape to portrait or vice-versa? This is so easy with other programs, yet I can’t figure it out with PhotoLab.
  • how to you know that you have edited a photo through the thumbnail? Again, in other programs, the thumbnail will indicate that the photo has had some kind of editing. But not with DXO.
    I may be missing something that is clearly in front of me, but your assistance with these two items would be very helpful.

Hello @denis7 and welcome to the forum!

  • It is simple by dragging the corners like this:

  • Right now we indicate only Prime applied like this:


But we have some improvements in plans.

Svetlana G.

There is several information about the image in the image browser.
And as Svetlana noted, it still has to be improved.

Thank you. Very appreciated.

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are you a bot? (or a non information writer)

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Thank you, Peter!

Those users are blocked.

Svetlana G.

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