New Sony A1. Anyone found a workflow to process a raw through DeepPRIME?

While we wait for full support coming in June has anyone found a way to convert Sony A1 raw files to a raw format compatible with DeepPRIME? I don’t have Lightroom. Just Capture One. Is there a conversion option in the Sony tools?

You could try the free Adobe DNG converter to turn your SONY raw files into DNG’s, assuming the converter supports that file format. However since your SONY A1 raw files are not supported by DXO yet, the resulting DNG file may not work if you convert them. I can convert my Canon .CR2 files to DNG using the DNG converter and apply DeepPRIME to them, but my native raw files are already supported. I’m guessing it won’t work but perhaps others with greater knowledge will chime in.


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Figured it out and it seems to work. I need to do more testing.
As you said, use Adobe DNG converter to convert Sony A1 ARW files to DNG.
Then run EXIF Tool to change the camera model from “ILCE-1” to “ILCE-7MR4”.
Viola… Done…

In Windows, paste this into a batch file. Then drag a directory full of DNG files onto it. It will update the camera model appropriately. The options specify it will only process DNG files (it won’t modify your original ARWs) and it will only modify files where the camera model is ILCE-1. And it overwrites existing files in place (as you have the ARW for backup.)

Hope it helps. Here’s the text to drop in the batch file.

“C:\FILL_IN_YOUR_PATH_HERE\Exiftool.exe” -Model=“ILCE-7RM4” -ext DNG -overwrite_original -if “$Model eq ‘ILCE-1’” %*

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Cool. Let us know how your testing goes


I’m not finding any apparent limitation. Now the A1 supposedly had slightly improved color (due to a white balance sensor on the front of the body). So perhaps DXO will have some slight color adjustments compared to the A7RIV but so far I can’t see any issue.

Big thanks for this Mike , I’ve been trying photoshop but can’t get on with it , I’m really missing DXO PhotoLab since getting my A1 . I’ve downloaded exif tool , I mainly use iMac so tried this with my old win10 laptop .
I must be doing something wrong though with this .

I’ve added the path for one of the A1 DNG converted raws into Fill_your_path_here and I get this in CMD.

“C:\Users\multi\Desktop\A1\Exiftool.exe” -Model=“ILCE-7RM4” -ext DNG -overwrite_original -if “$Model eq ‘ILCE-1’” %*

Is not recognised as an internal or external command , operable program or batch file

The FILL YOUR PATH HERE is the path to the Exif tool application.

So the line should start with something like:
“c:\program files\exiftool\exiftool.exe”

If I break up the whole line the first section is the path to the exiftool application.

The second part says change the camera model in the image files to ILCE-7RM4

The third part says only operate on DNG files. (Because I don’t want to ever modify the ARWs by accident)

The 4th part says change the DNG files in place and don’t make a backup. (Because I like my disk space)

The 5th part says only modify files where the camera Model is A1. This way I don’t modify files from my A9 by accident.

The last part %* is the key part and it basically automatically becomes replaced with whatever you drag and drop onto the batch file.

So all you should have to do is change the beginning to the path of Exif tool. Then save this as a text file. Rename the file to “Modify_A1_DNGs.bat” and then drag and drop a DNG file from Adobe raw converter onto the batch file. You can also drop a directory on the batch file and it will modify all the DNGs in the directory.

So now that you understand all of this go back and read my original comment and I hope it’s clear.

The camera is so amazing. To be able to use it with DeepPRIME is fantastically useful.


There are a couple of problems with that approach. First, not even the Adobe DNG Converter might support your RAW/ARW-files which has been the case so far with my A7IV ARW. Second, if the DNG Converter would process these files it wouldn’t get you the slightest way further as long as Photolab hasn’t got a profile for the same kind of files.

This fact is the reason why we all have to demand that DXO gets rid of that logic that severely cripples the usability of both our cameras and Photolab in the gap where we are waiting for DXO to come up with a profile for the new unsupported cameras. What the profiles are doing is giving us a possibility to get a better starting point compared to if we’re lacking the profile but DXO has to leave the decission to develop without a camera profile to the photograpers.

If they like to be nice they could implement a compatibility mode where they let us select another similar camera to “emulate” in a dropdown listbox but even without a solution like that I would appreciate if they could open the application for all our files.

Problems like these with unique RAW-files tied to each and every systemcamera model will otherwise be a permanent problem and disadvantage both for the users and the third party software manufacturers. The only ones benefitting from this situation will be the big camera manufacturers who will be able to support their own fileformats from day one.

As I mentioned in the other comment the DNG conversion isn’t required. Have you tried this. And you’re saying it doesn’t work?

This is intended to be a temporary workaround until full support is released.

I started the parallell tread :
(so I have tested) and also suggested the same kind of work around but with another tool.

Dear DXO Staff, when can we use Photolab 5 for Sony ARW-files from A7 IV too? - DxO PhotoLab - DxO Forums

I say you can use the tool of your liking to change the camera ID from a non supported one to a supported but that will always be a non necessary work around needed just as long as DXO is persisting in locking all RAW out from Photolab that doesn´t match a valid profile.

If they change that control in Photolab everybody will be able to process their RAW from day one the cameras hits the market wether there is a profile or not.