Nail down the histogram

I would love to have the histogram nailed down so that when I scroll to other tools, it is still always visible. The histogram is very useful with most tools.

This is already possible if you drag the histogram palette into the viewer.

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Hi @Dan,
Thanks for your feedback!
Guess what? This is something that we’d like to have in a near future too. :wink:


we can always customize the panel, we can keep the tools we want visible/available always, on one side

This is what I did to get a few important tools ready all the time on my 5k iMac.

Created a palette for the left dock and put these tools in it:

  • move/zoom (open)
  • histogram (open)
  • presets (mostly closed - duplicates the button in the upper righthand corner. Just for preset editing)
  • exif (mostly closed)
  • keywords (mostly closed)
  • local corrections (open)
  • hsl (open)

These settings work without scrolling with the film strip hight I usually set (ca. 16 images)

Creating custom palettes can really help to set up the most convenient working environment and I like DPL’s implementation which I find to be straight forward and easy to use.


Absolutely, YES - this is a key feature of PL for me too.

John M

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thank you very much

completely agree, exactly do the same here