My top Silver Efex Pro FEATURE REQUEST


I have been using Efex Pro since it’s first release and have created many custom presets.
I name them using the images name that I first created them for, and update the preset when I experiment with new similarly-toned images. I have over 100 presets now and they are named beginning with INDIA Portrait_xxx or CUBA dancers_xxx or DESERT Dawn_xxx… etc. I would LOVE to have subfolders within CUSTOM Presets to better organize presets by category, as I do in Adobe Lightroom.

Does anyone else want a Sub-Folder feature added to a NIK filter with Custom Presets?

Welcome to the forum! Yes, I would like subfolders for Nik presets, too.

Perhaps one of the @admins can move this topic to the appropriate section so that users can vote for it as a feature request?

davidjulian do you use a selenium tone for any of your images? If so, may I ask how you accomplished it using Silver Efex Pro? Did you use the Nik software as a stand alone or in conjunction with another piece of software like Lightroom? Thank you.


Hi Tim - See here.

John M