Multi GPU -> Parallel processing!


I am using know DXo PR 2 quite a lot to “optimise” my high ISO RAW. It works well! Now, my computer features 2 GPUs: the Intel UHD and RTX 2080. While the later is a bit faster, the Intel is also really fast.

Nowwhen processing, only the RTX is used at about 25% usage max. Would it be possible to use the 2 GPUs while processing ? I expected to almost double the speed as a GPU would not “sleep” anymore.


No, that’s not possible.

Do you have any isight ? Why should not it be possible ??

Because I am a software-developer and the results wouldn’t justify the amount of work put into? Not even in game-development something like that is even considered.
If you are further interested read something about how GPU-accelerated image-processing works in detail and you will see it’s not a good idea.

I am software developer too. And I think it’s a great idea :slight_smile:

In which area? Office-Macros? :wink:

Embeded software, driver, kernel, low-level OS…

I wouldn’t call a 10 times slower GPU “also really fast” :slight_smile:

Also you might want to check PureRAW 2 is nearly 3x slower than PhotoLab 4/5.

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Really? But then you should know that multi-gpu is even a dead alley in game-development nowadays and that with even the same GPUs and the corresponding APIs which makes it much easier than what you are suggesting.