Moving PhotoLab from Windows PC to a Mac Mini

@platypus thank you for checking and confirming what I understood to be the case, but had no way of verifying.

Because some thing are not read or is this tru even if all parameters are the same ?

Going up from DPL 6 to 7 should be okay, but who knows if DPL Mac/Win are functionally equivalent. I don’t. Equivalence is probably not available. Equivalent systems work - and crash - under the same conditions…and the latter is certainly not the case. Therefore, we must assume that functional equivalence is not available.


One significant benefit of sidecar/.dop format produced by Mac vs Win version is that Mac version generates the sidecar in sorted order (hence, logically grouping all settings) … Whereas, the Win version exports settings/parameters in seemingly random order !

That is, sidecars produced by Mac are much easier to read/peruse than those created by Win version.

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