Move and Copy Files with DPL5 on Mac

This is just an observation, but could be used to make DPL just a tad more user-friendly.

When I wanted to move image files from folder A to folder B in the same user account, I noticed that

  1. Folder B must be created in advance (okay)
  2. Folder B must be accessible through DPL’s sidebar (okay, easier if already visible)
  3. Folder B must have been selected in DPL before images can be dragged to it :crazy_face:

Other observations

  • When I press the option key, image files are copied, not moved (okay)
  • When .xmp sidecars are present, rotation goes along with copied and moved files (okay)
  • When there are no .xmp sidecars, rotation is lost ( :ant:)


  • make step 3 obsolete (the one with the :crazy_face:) to be more user friendly
  • kill the ( :ant:)
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