More 'Camera bodies' and 'in-camera profiles' for color rendering!

Thanks for your feedback!

Quality of these profiles may vary.
This is something you should inform DxO I think.

That’s the same for their film pack: some film profiles seem quite faithful, while others are completely off. I don’t know the reason why…

I have. These issues have all been raised before - and DxO reads topics like this one. So the ball’s in their court.

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I also think the right way of achieving this is to use the profile of the camera you took the shot and then adjust the look with something like filmpack. IMO by using the profile for your camera you get some kind of “normalized” result in the first step on which filmpack can build on.
Frankly I haven’t done any real world comparisons as I do not have a need to match the look of another camera.

Hello Pete,

Applying first a ‘neutral’ camera profile, then the desired camera rendering (film, camery body…) is apaprently what DxO does under the hood.