Migrate custom settings on install

The install process should copy previous custom presets into the proper spot so they remain available. If the format of the file changes, the new copies should be updated to the new format.

It was very frustrating to have all my previous custom work just disappear.


But they are already kept if you select this option checked when uninstalling:


Svetlana G.

These presets do not seem to be automatically installed in the new version. Maybe I just didn’t install properly?

2 questions:
1 - Which platform do you use (Mac or Win)?
2 - Are you installing DxO NIK Collection over the Google one?

Anyway, it’s not a new feature that should be reported in this section. So I close this one and you can take your vote back - you will need it for future suggestions.

Svetlana G.

I installed over Google and did not uninstall first. Thanks!

Okay, get it.

Yes, it’s a known issue for MAC and we have already got the task to resolve it.

Thank you

Svetlana G.