Make Clearview Part of Nik Collection Stand Alone

I use both Photo Lab and the Nik Collection. Sometimes I go into Nik for a few quick edits and then back out. It would be great to have an easy access to the Clearview effect there rather than invoke PL.

I think it would be even greater if the NIK Collection was integrated into PL like Viewpoint and Filmpack. In that event NIk settings could be applied and infinitely modified as needed directly to raw files, and the rest of PL’s features such as Clearview could be applied as well. There is so much functionality in the entire NIK Collection that this may be too cumbersome, but its would be my dream approach.

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Yes to your suggestions, I agree.

Going the other direction, I would like to see the Nik standalone version use the selection tools in the Local Adjustments section of Photo Lab. The brush and eraser to make adjustment masks have been very helpful there and a great addition to the U point selection.

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